Badminton 101

Badminton is presently close to my heart. I have been off and on engaged to it for the last couple of years since I recorded my first lousy smash. Back then, my footworks were struggling, my defenses were very flimsy, my attacks were either at fault or beyond the perimeters of the playing court. It was really disgusting and humiliating knowing i stand nearly 5'10" plus the fact that I weighed heavier before. It was a big turn-off for every onlookers and I was hoping to vanish instantly after the game so as to save for more mocking and silly talks.

Through the years, I gained insights how to go about the art of playing badminton. Like any other passion, it requires values enhanced and commitment to excell. The court serves as my building character and my mentor as well. I learned to mingle with people strangers to me. The game itself hones my temperament and emotional inclination. The shuttle cock and the racket become the armors for venting frustrations.

The game has been helping me to maintain my healthy body condition as well. Given a sendatary work at office, I need to involve myself with some exercise to emit fatal chemicals inside my body system. It helps me normalize my blood pressure level and it prolongs my stress endurance further. It is physically and mentally challenging, likewise. It is not just mere hitting the shuttlecock in the thin air, but it demands crafty moves and placing skills. Every step, drop shot, and powerful smash are accessories that enlivens the game for both competing teams.

This coming Sunday, I'll be joining a tournament sponsored by the Infomation and Technology Deparment in my workplace. It gives me a pretty excitement coz i'll challenge my mentors. They are the one who gives me the undying inspiration to develop my skills in and out of the covered court. It would also be another elusive opportunity to interact with co-BSPers unknown to me. I guess, an avenue for early policking in the workplace. Just kidding.

I just hope that my right arm would be restored in its normal condition. I am still nursing some strokes of pain at my right elbow after I had some rigorous encounter at the court Monday night with Robin as the primary culprit. (Casting blame to somebody out of my expense? - not a good idea.. hehehe) And, I don't want to pressure myself with the expectations placed within me, but I just want to play with fun and enjoyment. So to my partners, JED and RONALD, my advance apology if I'll fail you. We might not bring home the bacon guys, but I assure the consolation of teamwork during the game and the price of friendship afterwards.

Sana magpatalo silang lahat... =)


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