My day won’t be as complete unless I burn at least a single episode of Smallville at the convenience of my R60 Lenovo. This bizarre confession just started one dull afternoon at our pad when I have nothing more to do just to kill the march of the clock. Late did I know that I’m already captivated to the never ending quest of Clark Kent to elicit his humble beginning. There was even a time during the Holy Week when I felt so flimsy after going through 6 stories in just one sitting. That was almost quarter of a day of being couch potato with only water and pee breaks in between.

Honestly, I don’t have interest on comic book stories that were just merely a product of author’s wild imagination coupled with the artistic conceptualization of the each character. It could be rooted from my younger days since I was deprived from having neither the luxury of superhero readings nor the miniature counterpart available on commercial stalls. I was a complete opposite of my siblings for they were so stunned watching animated films aired in our outmoded and screwed operated television set.

So much of me again.

The altruistic blood running through the veins Clark Kent moved me so easily to run as many episodes as my time could permit. The idea that one mighty mortal would save us unexpectedly from the valley of death signals me that there is still a glimpse of light for the oppressed section of the society. I couldn’t also explain but I admire his cryptic disposition to handle his deep secrets as marvelous creature. More, it flashbacked on me what was imparted by the grandfather of Peter Parker about the importance of having great responsibilities over power.

I couldn’t not also discount that I shiver in a good way once the story dwells about the repressed emotions of Tom Welling (Clark Kent) over Kristin Kreuk (Lana Lang). I might be short of experience again about sacrificial loving but the convictions among characters were justified to make it palatable to my appetite. They are compelling enough to showcase a cloak of friendship just to advance other’s welfare above else. I like the wisdoms from the conversations of Lionel Luthor and his son, Lex that were embellished by hatreds, grudges and competitions. The twists and turns on each episode are thrilling, though at the end of the day, we’ll know that the good triumphs evil.

Though my latest addiction would require from me more of a sedentary work, I wouldn’t give a care to consume hundreds of electrical watts just to complete the remaining seasons piled at my closet. By the way, I’m down with the first season and almost halfway through with the next.

She is KC...

The daughter of the estranged Mega Star and Gaby Conception acted out brilliantly in her debut program entitled “I am KC” Saturday night. Press conferences held by KC, herself, disclosed that the show is a month long birthday present to her avid fans and supporters. It could be recalled that the adopted child of incumbent Senator Kiko Pangilinan also did a melodramatic performance for Maalaala Mo Kaya early this year, which earned her various accolades from peers and media personalities.

KC offered a completely different persona in her first episode which ran for an hour aired during the primetime. She was co-stared by the Ai Ai delas Alas and Jake Cuenca, as her mother and love interest, respectively, among others. A bubbly daughter and a frustrated beauty queen, she eventually found out her genuine biological identity by accident. I may say that the story has a slight resemblance on the aspect of KC’s legitimacy as far her life is concerned.

Though it was heavily raining and there were quite a number of sharp lightning outside, my family and I ignored the risk of turned on television. We were all hooked how the witty KC effortlessly brought out her abilities in the screen in a comic and humorous ways. Her tandem with the Comedy Queen packaged the show quite entertaining at the comfort of our couch. The theme of the show, likewise, didn’t leave us grasping what was obvious.

Folks, there are three more sequels to wait for, and unless a more pressing activity would be slated on my Saturday routine, I would not deprive myself to see the remaining genres in the next few weeks. I just figured that the benevolence of the UN ambassadress deserves an unflinching support, first and foremost, from her countrymen-including me and yours also.

This Day Sucks Big Time

Just this morning I had two different heated arguments, one with my officemate and onother one with a client. I was hoping that this day would be give me a break since I already hurdled my last exam and the memo for board approval both yesterday. I just figured that i've pushed myself to the limits for the past two weeks.

Nevertheless, I was again reminded for the nth time that life is all about strokes of unpredictabilities and uncertainties. We live in a dynamic world so we must also expect volatilities any moment. Much of our desire to moderate our daily living, environmental factors are present in our life.

Admittedly, I'm still working for my low temperament. But at my end, I know that i was still tactful during the course of our discussion. I didn't show enmity though deep inside of me, I wanted to raise my voice a little higher. I was still diplomatic in my actions and in words.

Peeps, let's not allow our emotions to head above us. We might not be virtuous all the time, but these people might serve us a training ground for becoming a better person. Things take place of a purpose, and these illogical people served its purpose for me.

I've vented already. Hope no more suprises this afternoon. Sigh!!!

Looking Back

My mouse was nowhere to lead me late last night when I accidentally opened a “Personal” folder at my laptop. Inquisitive enough, I hastily checked what were the files deposited into it through the years. Few seconds after going through the from topmost list, I took a second look to the file named “Essay”. I was first clueless until I finally recounted by reading through the lines again.

Folk, this essay was the article I submitted to the graduate office early quarter of last year when I was working for my admission at UPM. We were asked to pen about our interest in pursuing post graduate study. Hope you’ll get the connection. =)

My mind has been lately, the battlefield of so many thoughts, desires, dreams, fears, confusions, and hesitations, all at the same time. Truly, it’s the most active or should I say most abuse part of my physical body that I could profess nowadays. As the old adage says, never underestimate the power of one’s brain. Certainly, because it could travel up to the farthest planet Pluto, could traverse the unending slope of Pacific Ocean, and could also move you ecstatically.

Nevertheless, our brain also directs our way…our ambition… and our vision.

Same afternoon of 12 January 2007, the day when I reported my first day of work at Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and also the day I renounced being a LandBanker, I was already “cautioned”, if I got the right term, to think about pursuing higher education if I wanted to advance my career. I had barely completed my initial eight (8) working hours; yet I was immediately faced with certain dilemma. Such remark completely overshadowed the brief orientation seminar for new employees I just recently had with Human Resources Department during the late morning of the same day.

For that reason, it resounded like a clangor of a bell every time I got the chance to mingle with various friends and peers who are about to finish, presently pursuing their Masters course, and for those who already acquired the elusive title

My mind has declared truce finally! After exactly seventy-five (75) calendar days, 28 March 2007, I have great conviction in mind - to pursue Masters related to my chosen field. This time, the confusion has already demised, the hesitation likewise vanquished and the fear has slowly diminished as days passes by.

And what drives me to that crucial decision? Secondary to my career advancement, I need to be competitive at this present time. It’s been nearly six years since I had my formal education. It’s also been quite sometime since I had personal interactions with concepts, ideologies, theories, and cases. Bottom line-I am already “less marketable”, an accountant’s idiom, vis-à-vis Atty. Juan dela Cruz, CPA,CIA,MBA, etc.

Given the present competitive arena in the field of Business, pursuing higher education is already inevitable to cope up with the challenges of today’s generation. Such additional degree I believe, would embrace me, if not completely, in handling scenarios with much professional perspective, much clearer outlook, and much firm stronghold. Eventually, this will somehow serve as my intangible armor and foremost runner in begetting my aspirations and visions in this corporate world.

Aside from being competitive and for career advancement, I need to fulfill my heart for the noblest profession - teaching. Candidly, I had sent my curriculum vitae to numerous colleges and universities here in Manila and even at our province hoping that I could be considered for a part time job. Surprisingly, their common feedback and recommendation-“though I have good credentials, I must have certain units of Masteral in order to get the stint”. It might be a legislative order or an school administration preference, but it only concludes and calls my attention for pursuing higher study.

They say that good life-the one that truly satisfies- exists only when we stop wanting a better one. Satisfaction, I believe, is out of issue for this matter coz we need not to step out from the escalator of desire if we only wanted excellence and professional growth coz education, be it formal or informal, is an unending quest for learning.

These are already my driving forces that motivate me in undertaking this new challenge. These factors ignite and fuel my heart and soul to keep moving and be on the right track. It might not materialize as planned in the near future, but who knows? Unless we let the ship start to voyage in the stormy night, we could not say if it could reach the destination safe and sound.

Along with the quest for learning, one should develop a self-directed learning and should not be fully dependent to his/her mentors. This attitude should be developed and continuously enhanced to manage teaching methodologies, strategies, and approaches. Students should not fully confide to the four corners of their classroom nor but with less expectations to their respective instructors and professors since vast knowledge could be found if we explore thru our own initiative. The thrust of our mentors is only foundation of learning and our participation is to build the structure at our own. As most my previous professors say, “Only a little percentage comes them and the biggest part of learning should come from our self.”

Season in the Sun

I owe My Corner a number of blogs this time. It’s nearly a week lapsed that my page has been stagnant and I figured if cyber loots already started to rot my page. Good enough, that there’s no such thing anyway.

Folks, I was just torn lately between priorities at work and school over this newly found interest. It pains me not to make even a single post in a day, but I have to fulfill a pressing matter above else. I genuinely appreciated to have a clear delineation in case of dilemmas so as not to be skinned easily.

Needless to say, I was completely engrossed in office toil and sem-ender school stuffs. My long week vacation was even spoiled with the paper works brought home. It was my first time to ruin my Holy Week since I joined the labor force of this country. While friends and colleagues were either splurging into the seas, savoring the humidity of the atmosphere, or visiting pilgrims, I was stretching my patience how to go about figures for my Financial Management and comprehensive discussion for my masteral research.

Less of my ranting and much of my desire not to dwell about the Holy Week celebration, I was fully moved to pen last Easter Sunday how some Filipinos still superficially and pathetically observed this sacred period. Did I sound too straightforward with my statement? Pardon me anyway, but I just don’t practice euphemism over my virtual propriety. If being deliberate could cause turnarounds, why sugarcoat in the first place. In the meantime, I temporarily boxed the idea to post articles about rejuvenating vacations nook for all of us.

As far as Christianity is concerned, Holy Week is the time when one commemorates the death and resurrection of Jesus. It’s the occasion to reminisce the supreme sacrifice of our Messiah who died in the cross for the redemption of the sins. It serves as an avenue to rekindle one’s fainting relationship with the Lord. It’s the moment to reassess and re-examine the level of one’s spirituality with the Christ in the context of faith. More, the brief stint becomes an interlude for a greater knowledge of who exactly the Lord God is.

It saddens me to ponder however, about the phenomenal inclination of majority of our countrymen in this blessed time of the year. People from all walks of life are professing their unwavering faith through various medium. Devotees stand the heat of the sun just to showcase zealous connection during the agony of the Lord. Worst, blinded extremists allowed themselves to suffer the throbbing experience of carrying the cross to the extent of being wide open arms nailed in the cross.

I believe, our sovereign God asks more than public declaration of His incredulous acts and blatant display of our devotion. . Christ yearns for deeper level of connection all days of our life. He challenges us to walk away from waterbed of ignorance to the abyss of His abundance. He wants us to be unified and experience the greater heights of eternal richness. He longs only but an unseasoned intimacy with Him. No springs or fall, summer or winter.

Jesus fervently prays that we'd all be awaken from our deep slumber in order for us to see the way, the truth, and the light...

Grace be with you all.

Stolen Time

Folks, the time im spending in this blog is literally stolen from the demands of my work. The Human Resource Department of my office had already announced that we are allowed to be home as early as 2 pm to spare from the burden of traffic jams and travel rush. But I am alone with my manager still doing some paper stuffs. My schedule was so lax for the past week and the need to slug for something else started only yesterday afternoon. I am helpless.

I am supposed to draft memo and its supporting documents, but I felt the urgency to extend my blessing to everyone as we take time in celebrating the Holy Week in our respective ways. I pray that Christ Himself will reveal the truest essence of His death and resurrection in this time.

Til my next post. God bless to all.

Tainted Victory

I wasn’t expecting that the anticipated match between Pacquiao-Marquez would eventually create a dissenting stance among aficionados shortly upon the verdict of 12-round of vicious hard boxing. I’ve already blogged previously that the event missed my eyes and the feed over Pacman’s triumph only reached me through an SMS Sunday morning. There was even no manifestation that the concluded bout would stem blemish on the part of our boxing hero.

My personal knowledge about the doubtful crown started when I tuned the radio to AM frequency yesterday morning. Initially, I shunned over the slur publicities aired by the broadcaster but the clamor intensified when similar observations became the topic of my opinionated officemates. I couldn’t help to defend Manny for I don’t have any impression if his punches landed powerfully over his opponent.

I was even more caught off-guard when I checked the broadsheets of different publications after I went out of work. There were quite a number of pessimistic insinuations about the brutal match between the dethroned Juan Manuel Marquez and the now super featherweight champ Manny Pacquiao. I found the articles detrimental in nature and I considered the imprint were just a product of being an intuitive observer. I felt Manny was so vulnerable of attacks and defenseless after the completed business.

Among the hovering issues that elicited public attentions were; the split decisions handed by the three judges, two of whom were already veteran yet with varying judgment; the punch statistics resulted that Maquez scored high compared to Pacman; that the Mexican boxer dominated the rest of the rounds; and lastly, the issue about the late replacement of one of the boxing jurors. More, a keen observer even quoted that Pacman, himself was seen humbly surprised when he was declared victorious.

Folks, I am not against the merits of anybody’s remarks, be a sports analyst, boxing fanatics or just an ordinary observer as I am. I don’t even give a fuss if the match was half-baked or if series of eye blinking took place between bigwigs seated just around the corner. I care not even if Marquez defended his title over this country’s pride. It was also less of my concern who pocketed a great number of dollars afterwards.

At the end of the day, I seek transparency behind this politically motivated decision. I run after the people who seek comfort at the cause of innocent souls. I cry foul to the victims of this dirty game of profiteering.

I call for justice and impartiality…No less….No more.

Pacquiao defeats Marquez

I am still a little pensive coz I missed to witness the title bout of our very own Manny Pacquio and the Mexican Juan Manuel Marquez yesterday morning. My Sunday schedule just didn’t permit me to join the billions of spectators here and abroad. I was hoping I could still give cheers and applauses but late did I know that the fight was already over. Too bad, coz I failed the excitements, jeers and the clever tactics how his power punches reached the opponent.

At any rate, the Pride of General Santos has once again brought glory to his struggling nation. He proved that everyone could be united and intact in the spirit of advancing Filipinos in the field of sports. By bringing home the bacon, he captured the interest of media and broadcasting networks globally, something laudable to downplay our country, Philippines, among the list of most corrupt government in Asia as published a week ago. I may profess that the honor of Pacman is a vivid indication of Pinoy supremacy as far as boxing is concern.

In the local arena, a good number of predictable observations transpired during match event. The phenomenon has nothing to do with science and technology, but the streets were not packed with vehicles; the bickering politicians ignored divisiveness; the criminality rate diminished and the incidence of street offences were almost nil. All these occurrences took place at the expense of Manny’s fate at the ring.

It saddens to contemplate that we Filipinos have not changed all through out the years. We are still captive of parochial mentality in going about perennial problems of this society. We only try to showcase collective stand at times when at stake is our reputation involving awards, titles, and monetary benefit, but otherwise the support is hardly get. These are the ironies of life that requires attention and critical analysis.

Manny surely is now billion peso richer with the entire premium, pay-per-view, guaranteed pay and all the contingent perks during the 12 rounds of enduring the pain within the boundaries of the ring. This enormous amount of money is equated to fame, fortune, and power in the context of Filipinos eyes. At least, Pacman worked in a licit way of amassing wealth unlike any other personalities with doubtful riches. Somehow, his recent achievement saved himself from the defeat for congressional bid during the 2007 election over Representative Darlene Custodio.

I hope we could have 365 Pacmans to sustain the cohesiveness and synergy among all walks of life.

My Big Love

Folks, I don’t give this movie an accolade unlike any other Filipino movies in the past having the same genre. I just think that the satisfaction I got wasn’t commensurate to my hard earned money. The lessons were present but it was probably the collective conviction from the casts that was lacking. At any rate, you can still give My Big Love, a chance to be your small love also.

The theme of the movie played by the horizontally challenged Macky (Sam Milby), the affluent Niña (Christine Hermosa), and the bighearted Aira (Toni Gonzaga) highlighted some reflections upon dealing with the LOVE as far as my appreciation is concerned. Basically, it stressed the idea of loving beyond imperfection, the concept of sacrificial love, and the encouragement to be honest in our emotions.

Admittedly, we have all flaws in life but the notion of loving beyond imperfection blinded most of us in that paradigm. We tend to detached ourselves from that universal law which led us oftentimes to malady. It was once shared by a friend this elementary logic, “Nobody is perfect, so why aim perfection?”. I don’t know if that was an adaptation but it was very logical to think, right? We keep on searching for the perfect partner in life, yet we ourselves aren’t qualified for the measure we impose. Big LOVE requires us to love beyond what our eyes can see. It imparts us to look unto the hearts and not upon the deceiving attractiveness and material possession of another person.

In the context of sacrificial loving, the director failed to give justice on it probably because my best epitome is Jesus Himself. It was portrayed simply like giving a penny to a beggar or a lollipop to a weeping toddler. Movie goers, like anybody of us, expect a good twist and convincing turns of each scenario. Directors should recognize that it is not enough to showcase an ideal without the power to act upon it. There were quite a number of incidents in the movie I found trivial and can be directed to enhance the framework of sacrificial love.

Lastly, the ethical principle about “Honesty if the best policy” is also the topic of the movie. It imparts honesty in the context of being true to our feelings and it encourages us to be truthful to our emotions towards other people. Love is oftentimes equated to risk, coz it entails a good amount of audacity to inform other person how much we adore them. It reminds us that the more we repress what is inside of us, the more it becomes an agony on the part of us, and remorse at the end of the day.

I figured, the movie deserved only half of my payment. =)

You're Under Arrest

I was late for seven minutes this morning basically because for three frivolous reasons. First, I woke up past 7, second, i went back to my pad after I realized that i don't have my laptop with me, and the unforgivable of all, i underwent a brief interrogation from the company guards shortly upon they recognized that i wasn't in proper office attire.

Hoping i could still beat the 8:00 o'clock time in,I was already walking in double pace right from the moment I stepped out from the jeepney, which was also heading just across Bangko Sentral. I was actually pretty cool in mood and rejuvinated for the extra 30 minutes of sleep I got. I then, searched for my ID and had it presented to the guards situated in the entrance gate of the complex as a protocol.

The building proper is just few walks away from the entrance gate where I regularly secure passage to the electronic scanner. But, even before i got out from the machine, the lobby security personnel called my attention. I thought, he just failed to notice my ID with me so I made it visible to him.

Late did i know that he was after my attire. He enquired my business for i was only in short, dri-fit shirt, and rubber shoes. I courteously explained that we are presently having a collective limbering in preparation for the sportsfest this coming April.

We exchanged reasonings until i lost some etiquette and offered him a walk-out. The other assisting guard ran after me and endorsed me to their immediate boss. Another set of probing questions and the superior even briefed me of the company policies with regards to office decorums before I was released finally.

Peeps, I don't have anything against security guards and their band of league. It is not of me to bypass my authorities be it within the boundary of my workplace or not. I actually recognize their stellar role in ensuring the welfare of each individuals within their jurisdiction. I stand to the fact thay they are lambasted and belittled oftentimes giving me a big heart their noble profession.

I exerted some effort to vindicate me from the humiliation i experienced. I sought the assitance of my coordinator to meddle in the issue, if there is at all. I was informed that there was already a notice sent to the security group allowing us to be in sporty attire during the entire schedules.

I don't know if I just wanted to save my ego from the humiliation i got from my co-uniform. Until now, I am still contemplating if the fuss i've invested was commensurate to the benefit I got. Life...

Novice Blogger

Honestly, I don't have any concrete topic in mind to blog until I came across with the word "novice" few minutes ago over the net. With my online powerword only a click away, I consulted thesaurus what "novice" is all about and even before I blinked my eyes, the screen reflected 24 various definitions but all leading to one ideal, "amateur", "beginner" and "neophyte".

Undeniably, I myself is a "novice blogger". I'm pretty sure that I didn't give you a false impression about my new career shift. I was true enough in my previous posts entitled "My First" and also partly touched in the article "Selective Listening" about this freshman undertaking. I am still cognizant about the veracity of my oath with regards to it.

Being an amateur has never been easy in every chosen field, be it in arts, business, politics, and etc. I have gone through the odds and downs of being a beginner. It requires a good amount of sacrifices, innate values, and learned principles in life to set mediocrity in its pit. High level of determination is incumbent, but of course it calls a blessing from High Above.

Taking the first single bold step is the most fearful of all. It is perhaps where the mind entertains hesitations, vulnerabilities, and skepticisms. I don't know if blogging belongs to such measures but as long i find this activity enriching, I will blog freely and responsibly.

By the way, let me share you some freaky lines in case i push through my first ever rowing career at the stinky Manila Bay this Saturday.

Script 1:

Stranger 1: Hi, how long have you been rowing?
yeng: I am just a novice rower, how about you? tskt tsk tsk

Script 2

Stranger 2: Hi, are you a rookie in paddling?
yeng: (with grim smile) Yes, i am just a novice paddler.

Sounds interesting to blog afterwards, what do you think? Insane!!!

Deep Breath, please...

I was deadly busy before this post reached anybody of you. My whole day was practically spent dealing with my laptop and all it's attached accessories. I am still thinking if I deprived myself with smiles and if I relaxed my forehead during the nearly seven straight hours working for my school related stuff.

Yes, I've finished my thing but at the back of my mind, I know my two groupmates at BM 222 would be more blissful more than I do. They burdened me too much with their sheer indifference. I was expecting that they could provide me their contributations anytime yesterday, but I only got them this morning.

They offered me their apologies but who am I not to forgive? I want to save myself from further load, anyway it's our last day later in this semestral class.

Sigh!!! People... I'm still toxic.... =(

I came one of the taf ten....What did you say?

The recently crowned 2008 Bb. Pilipinas World, Ms. Janina San Miguel, is certainly the butt of all jokes after her humorous performance on the Q&A portion Saturday evening. The 17-year old BroadCom student from UE definetely set an unforgettable moment not only to herself but to the expectators as well.

Although I was aware about the big night, it didn't give me a second thought to watch the culminating event for I was still recuperating from the abnormal body temperature again triggered by my toothache. My post-interest on the prestigious competition came to me only yesterday afternoon when a friend was so moved watching a file through YouTube. I promised myself to see it also.

Early this morning I search some related uploads in the net and the results suprised me very much. I became pickle-minded in looking for the best coverage but the link below provided me tons of air in my stomach over the other. I, then, invite you for a single click and you'll be able to catch the latest source of laugters in the land.

Folks, I still believe in woman empowerment and don't want to be mean with this action. I
Just want to share the free entertainment I experienced, unfortuantely, at the expense of the female. =(

At any rate, the pretty lady could still save herself from the hovering humiliation and embarrassment in the town, if she will bring the very first title of Miss World for this country. Let me chant for her first... Go taf ten go taf ten go, go taf ten go taf ten go... Did i make sense? =)
PS: She sounded like the alterego of Melanie Marquez, right?=)

Sappy Talk, Want to buy it?

Folks, let me deal you a lighter this time. A dense topic that is worthy to trash actually. I even don't encourage you to take your eyeballs farther this point. Hold...hold.. please.. =)

The sequel of Solis-Rama brouhaha came to my attention Saturday afternoon. To my knowledge, I was already two-week behind from the chikadoras in the town. I am not a big fan of either of the two, Ows?, but the enthusiasm for local stars spice up my life, and yours too, I guess.

The incident allegedly started when Ruffa was snubbed by the better half of the Senator elect Bong Revilla, Jr.when the two crossed their ways during the wake of Ethel Ramos' mother. By the way, Ethel Ramos is the manager of Aga Muhlach. Ruffa also added that her pouty lips were left in the air when she offered a beso to Lani and Lani in return offered her back.

It was initially a combat between beauty queen Ruffa and the martyr wife from Cavite, Lani Mercado, but were later on joined by other personalities, the undaunted Lolit Solis and Ruffa's mom, Annabelle Rama. Naturally, heated words were thrown to each other's bailiwick to the extent of sacrificing the 30 years friendship between the latter. I could actually go into details, but I don't want to spoil your lovely day. =)

Surely, excessive public attention has been drawn from this celebrated showbiz scoop. I bet the advocacies of Senator Revilla are already overshadowed by the hot talk of the town. Media coverages, supposedly intended to the matters involving the ongoing senate inquiry, widespread piracy, national security and the like, are more inclined to know on the Senator's participation to the reconcile present and past ladies of his life. I don't know if press people would give equal amount of exposure, in print and in broacast, to the helpless commuters affected by transport strike over the metropolis this morning. =(

Sounds salty, right?... =)

Selective Listening

I had the opportunity to read the book entitled “Being Happy” by Andrew Matthews a couple of years ago, courtesy of a friend during the review days for CPA exam in 2002. Basically, the reading is all about the principles and rules of staying happy given the different facades of life. Within a given a scenario, the author has some relevant nutshells to ponder before the readers.

It wasn’t surprising for me then, if one of my roommates was glued reading the book when I reached our condo the night of Sunday. He might have borrowed it likewise, since the outer appearance speaks so. I also noticed from afar that he was almost over it. I just then surmised that his spared time over the weekends was completely devoted on reading.

When I woke up yesterday morning, I found the CR occupied and the idea to glance quickly over the book while waiting for my turn popped to my mind. Without any plan where I was to lead, I was brought to the page in which the gist of selective listing as an avenue for being happy was discussed. Since the presentation of the book was pretty elementary, I was invited to go through the related topic for few minutes.

It was a blessing in disguise on my part that I have embraced myself on the right attitude and perspective early morning of yesterday before I was confronted by the same life case application when I had dinner with my mentor over this blog account.

This day, this My Corner is only seven days old but it wasn’t spared from the robbers of happiness. They are the individuals who regard themselves as self-righteous and noble at all times. They are the breed who levels themselves above standards and infallible of everything. Folks, they are the persons who are long been known to you and who tries to project a completely different persona face to face.

As I have learned, staying happy is not elusive thing to have. It is within reach for everybody but it only varies on the how we appreciate and deal with the life’s genres practically rightful. If we allow somebody else to take away something we deserve, we make them profit at our own expense.

Let us not then permit the scene-stealers to rob us from the simple happiness we are privileged to have. Instead, we should direct them to consume the same amount of energy they have invested in pulling us back, least, experience the overflowing grace from we enjoy. =)

PS: Bato-bato sa langit, ang tamaan may bukol. God bless =)

Lingering Pain

I don't know if after this post crossed your retina, I'll be your laughing stock already. You might be laughing out loud for I give too much fuss to my toothache. But peeps, mind you that it is a different species and this time, i need your symphaty and little amount of prayer more than anything else.

It's exactly week had lapsed and the pain in my molar is still persistent even I have taken lots of medicines sourced locally and abroad. On a daily basis, I take three capsuls and one tablet solely for the pain to be sober. Last Thursday, I even visited Quiapo only to secure a herbal powder for oral hygiene patented in the USA. I sheledl-out P350.00 just to take it from the store. It could be an alternative for toothpaste and the dentist highly recommended it over the other drug available thru Mercury.

In aide for a quick remedy, I even visited last Saturday morning the dentist in our developing town. (Btw, Jollibee conquered our place already, yahoo!!!) Dr. Glee checked my dentures in my high hopes that he will act favorably before me. I undertook several series of tests and check-ups only to hear, "I am sorry but I prefer that the molar not be extracted since it is nice and well pastaed."

What did you say doc? Say it audibly please...I might just have a dull hearing senses...

I went home with much more diminished spirit. I thought, I could already suck the discomfort out of me. More, the ill denied me from attending the church service yesterday and the christening of my first cousin's daughter also held over the weekends.

An hour from now, i am scheduled downstairs to pick new drug formula. I just hope that I won't go overdose. =(

Shattered Dreams and Broken Heart

Folks, don’t be drastically moved for it’s not all about my shattered dreams and broken heart that I’ll be blogging fully. I too have stories of unrealized product of imaginations and minor bypass operations, but perhaps I just find the line from a romantic song One Last Cry by Brian McKnight little appropriate this time.

Too much of me, I heard a strange sound a split seconds after I took a water break from a day of almost being a couch potato. Convicted enough, the sound gave me an insinuation that it came from a fragile materials. I asked myself what again was the subject of havoc and who, if any, was the culprit? I also prayed that my two-year old charming niece was hands-off to it.

I rushed through my feet to see it by myself. Oh yeah, the elongated platform vase already turned into three or four. Because of the pressure, the debris were heavily scattered and the pieces illuminated the gloomy corner of our sala. So helpless in its fate, that for barely a month in our dwelling, its purpose vanished due to the windy element outside last Saturday. Admittedly, it was a fortuitous event that nobody to cast blame.

Like the unpredicted fate of the glass element, I oftentimes get my dreams adrift and my heart at a loose end. It’s just pretty ironic that the heart continues to serve its purpose despite of the tragic experiences while the shattered dream becomes an avenue for another spectacular dream. Life has to move on for setbacks are not meant to hinder us from dreaming and loving.

So Dream Big, Kapamilya… =)

Passing-by thru my Poster

Who wants to stake their career that I was once a model of a state-owned universal bank? =) Peeps, this is a good bet before the most awaited Pacquiao-Marquez bout on the 16th.

Going, going, gone...

Newey, I had some errand upstairs when I decided to drop at LandBank to fund a crossed check maturing this Monday. My first day of work is ordinarily hectic, so I did it today, instead. I took the connecting bridgeway going there and the alternate route afterwards.

Oblivious of what awaited me back to my work station, I caught myself staring to a familiar face as I passed by the other side of the building. Only then I realize that it was the captivating and charming picture of me. Yes, ME as in Mama and Echoe. The same one person who administers this blog account. =)

If I remeber the poster exactly, I stood at the leftmost portion among the three of us where I was holding a blueprint of a building project. Obviously, I was assigned to portray an employed engineer in the the Middle East, while the two were packaged as nurse and as a professional freelancer in the US of A. Cool right? Convincing enough that a friend of mine informed me that I was more of a volunteer firefighter because of my yellow hard hat. =) She was so mean, honestly, but I've forgiven her.

I already don't have a souveneir copy of my own. My so proud mother raffled, as in, to our relatives who visited during the Charistmas day of 2005. Well, that was not part of consolation gifts but the one of the major awards.. Just kidding.

Some colleagues here, already recognized the poster without anybody informing them. They were just hesitant at first, but after my confirmation, they quipped that I look better before. At least, i was once good looking. Once is enough, two is too much.. =) I surmise that as long the remittance program is still up, my first modelling endeavor will be seen internationally.

By the way, to see is to belive right? I had the chance to withdraw at Land Bank near in Greenbelt 1 and our poster was still fixed there. I hope nobody gets interested to take it away for "Thou shall not steal". =)

A Needle in a Haystack

I might only making things out of its proportion but that was the single thought that flashed to my mind when I was bombarded by unorganized boxes as I entered our security vault only to look for a file back in year 1990. I exclaimed, Ows com'on!!!

For a while, I composed some stragegy to beat this dirty challenge. Some clever tactics how to go about the maze. I just hope this could prepare me to the Amazing Race Asia Season 3.. =) Where is your mind Rovilson? You denied Marc the USD grand.. grrrrr...You sound bitter, til this time yeng...Am I? Forget it.

Nwey, I started moving quite weighty boxes left and right. I ignored the stinky smell of decomposing and dusty papers that was aggravated by the not so well ventilated room. For nearly half an hour, I stayed inside the vault and I caught myself in deep sweat, but to no avail. Lots of stumbling blocks, probably. I even got bruise to my right first as I result of my negligence, or I should say foolishness. =(

No document with me in the end, but I have the experience to complete me as a banker. {Banker, how much if your offer? =) The show was already defunct, right?} How? By successfully opening the vault after 8 lousy attempts. I never figured that hard, til I myself did it. A wrong single turn, counterclockwise or either, makes the effort futile. What complicated it more was the various series of combinations. Thanks to my reliable spectacles. =)

It was fulfilling, though sounds petty? =)

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Everybody, in his/her lucid mind, desires to be a circle member of millionaire club. But same ridiculous and preposterous question was raised to us last night when Christian, Maricor and I graced an invitation from another classmate at UP to listen to a Pharmanex orientation around past 7pm at Trafalgar Plaza along H. V. dela Costa in Makati.

It wasn't suprising for me to see huge number of millionaire wannabes like me. The conference con sales room was at first half full, until few minutes then, I noticed that that it was already overflowing with male and female versions of Bill Gates. The place was completely jampacked with standing room for those who came late.

While Maroon 5 started to rock the house at Araneta at the same hour, we were all ears and stunned by the two eloquent speakers. I actually lost count to the number of yeas and nays when the presentors sought approval and denial from their thrown questions. I just hope no issue bribery therein. =)

To cut the story short, I went home a couple of minutes before the presentation ended for a reason that my tooth was breaking me insane. More, i wasn't persuaded enough that I could sell wellness and magical products all by myself plus the fact that I am not vain. I still prefer the natural way of pampering myself with no presence of chemicals and medicinal formulas taken into my body system.

Who knows i might not only be a millionare, but trillionaire through the grace of the Almighty God. Amen. =)

Ooop... Don't Do It Again

I am not a brawler myself, but my title's blog could have been the remark I could have told to the attending dentist had he attempted to be negligent for the second time around early this morning. Peeps, I am still nursing an unbearable toothache because of his imcompetence, or to sugarcoat a little, because of his oversight. Perhaps, the terminologies are already less of my concern for he gave me a hilarious nightmare. The backbreaking pain just did'nt allow me to feel the comfort of my bed last night.

Early January of this year, I visited our company's dental clinic to check on the status of my molars. I was advised during my pre-employment medical examination that some of my dentures need immediate treatment already. And so I did only exactly after a year had lapsed.

Aside from the usual pain, I didn't notice something peculiar from the prophylaxis procedure and the application of "pasta" to the unhealhty molars. I wasn't also mindful of the notorious image of the same dentist that he is uncapable to undertake even the minor dental stint. My officemates gave me pieces of advice and unsolicited testimonies regarding their sour experiences. Hardheaded as I am, I gave the same stout dentist the benefit of the doubt. Am i too diplomatic to him? I surmise.

And so, here I am suffering from the same fate like any other employees who were not spared from his unfriendly and cruel hands. It really pays to listen and be cynical sometimes, especailly when substantiated by concrete evidences. It will pretty save us from the pit of danger to those person's selfmotivated interest.

So listen to your elderly, fella. =)

Shout For A Cause

Politics is least to my priorities in life probably because i don't have the basic units in the field of graft and corruption and red tape. And perhaps, many have lost lives in such endeavor. More, it is a game of those with gift of gab and i don't have it. While i can speak a little, I could be immediately caught once I start to lie. Generally, it is the nastiest profession as far as Philippines is concern. With the bureaucracy and all, i could not join the band.

But judge me not, since I attended the interfaith rally at Ayala avenue last friday, 29 February, in view of public clamor in search for the truth behind the dubious broadbank deal with the Chinese government. It was actually a self initiative decision to be counted in the crowd along with people belonging to all walks in life.

From a distance, I saw the whistleblowers Joey de Venecia and June Lozada, who appeared separately, for a quick seconds. They waved before the mob as if winners in the recent OSCARS. just kidding. I dont know if they delivered speeches for I only stayed for half an hour before I headed to glorietta. I stood few meters away from the platform where the VIPs and other personalites were standing and too busy in their individual crafts that moment.

It was a different experience, peeps. I was actually moved by the people who longs for real government reforms. I felt their desire for social obligation in the midst of moral bankruptcy. I sensed their synergy and unity when at stake is the future of this young generation. It was a collective political will from the neglected voice of the society.

This date, I still have fresh memory of what transpired during that rally. We might have failed to overthrow this questionable presidency GMA, but I claim the victory in our own hands coz it wasn't a pathetic move but more of a courageous step for truth.

Nap Deprivation

Yes, peeps!! You have read it correctly. I am always denied of the best thing in life right here at my workplace from Mondays to Fridays. I could not exerice that priviledge from 12:20 in the afternoon to 1:00 pm for the reason that i am planked at my left and back of chess fanatics who have sets of cheerers, luckily unpaid, for both players. U've read it correctly for the second time fella. They have sets of allies loudly and noisily cheering for their bets causing me to stay wide awake instead.

I feel unfortunate coz while majority of my co-employees is a already in their twilight dreams, I am clearly hearing their boos and yeheys if the players' individual chess clock ran out of time or if the opponent has no strong move already. It put me in complete disgust, candidly speaking. It maybe really ill-mannered for them to act that way, but i have no choice at all. They are really insensitive to the needs of other person. Totally apathetic to their environment and too selfish in some ways.

I dont know if they have plan to beat Garry Kasparov or Vladimir Kramnik, but their behaviors and attitudes are unbearable for me. They seem to play without game ethics at all. Some colleagues probably have the same sentiments in life but who are we to correct them. They are much senior to us in age and in position. Unless they've retired from work or availed early separation from the bank, which i'll be praying they would, i'll be enduring their coarse and improper way playing the game of the bright. =)

Sigh, trully only in my workplace... =)

USD0.06, What could i get from it?

it's 12 minutes past the hour of 10 and my spirit became high for earning USD0.06 out of my newly created blog account. it might be negligible in everyone's sweet little eyes but it brought me an incomparable bliss. so ecstatic, though i may sound exagerated and very shallow person.

i was actually deadly busy before i got the chance in blogging this, so occupied that i could not even afford to send a reply message to my special friend. but since my excitement ran rushly to my fingertips, i gave this priority than her. just kidding. =)

USD0.06 is just but equivalent to P2.40 in Philippine currency and i could not even have "sakto" coca-cola softdrink worth P6.00 out of it. it didn't even reach the minimum jeepney fare of P7.50 in order for me to get into my class this afternoon. more, it could not pay my minute of work. lol!!

but the monetary return was not the idea of my happiness, it was possibly the value of getting support from my online frieds. i just proved that we are still connected even if we're separated by priorities and life differences. i was again reminded that the truest essense of being happy is not just all about having money or acquiring material possessions, it is all about appreciating things and persons around you whatever value they might have in you. =)

a blessed day to all peeps. =)

My year ender

Although, this could be a little late as a year ender blog, I still wanted to share what ran through my mind few days before the 2007 bid goodbye...Enjoy peeps... =)

Being idle sometimes gives me a creeping nerve. Probably because I was into it for almost two weeks already and to my expectation, for the coming days before I’ll have my long vacation break due to holiday season. Nowadays, business transactions are rare to nil at all. Who cares? I am paid well anyway. Instead of surfing the net to keep myself busy all day long, I came up with the idea to refresh my memory by recounting what 2007 has brought me overall.

But for all you know, I don’t trust myself in terms of commemorating events and experiences. It is not my forte to have a flashback since then. A friend of mine, in one of our get a way gimicks, told me that I berated him back in our college days. Much of my desire to really recall it, my processor could not retrieve that Microsoft file. That’s how terrible I am, to the least.

With this challenge, I’ll try to loosen up the nuts and bolts of my head to the best of my ability.

2007 has offered a mixtures of surprises to my so called life...most of them captured an indelible mark to my mind that even the passage of time could not be an element for it to has also furnished something unworthy to reminisce likewise, probably a balancing figure to the good ones... yet, both occupied a special space in between my ears that would be eventually foretold to the my future generations..

New friends, acquaintances, and special someone were added to my list. lots of blessings came along, struggles lefts and rights passed by, my spirituality has been challenged, my sanity left me for few days, and lots of more genres that i could no longer enumerate... but above all, i could not afford to forget that a new love interest caught my attention in the mid part of this year... do i interest you more on the latter? it is also my dearest part, though...

how can somebody get amnesiacs, if the wide array of first transpired during the year first day of work at my present employer happened in early part of the year, my first to lost appetite and survived a day by eating only one table spoon of rice, my first day to be a student, this time at graduate school, my first speaking engagement for the Lord at our local church, my first dance showcase at my workplace, my first time to have a savings account, my first to beat the lowest weight record of 63 kilograms, my first time to court to a woman having the same life belief about who God is (whew!!!), to name few....

Somehow, I turned sentimental... I am already wired to music most often trying look for the appropriate rhythm that would complement my heart…I learned to love watching dvds… I was hooked more to play badminton and became conscious about my diminishing body weight….i could already stand staying late at night…my patience has been stretched… I am more optimistic about the future…I became more generous….All for good cause at least…
as i bid goodbye to this year, i desire to have an evaluated experiences of what life has offered me...while we often declare that experience is the best teacher, i believe that only those evaluated ones could we extract learning...i can't fully profess that my year was more of a fruitful one, more or carrots, more of precious gems, but it was also savored with torns, sticks, and dry seasons...i am convicted that both spices completed the ingredients of what i am now, and the absence of one would placed the menu insipid..

my year 2007, has the best life could offer...i could not imagine that i went all through the ups and downs of the year passed...i had the best year of my life… I got its nutshell, its reason and its gist…

as i am writing apart of this, my officemate seated to my front is having a heated discussion resolving about their bombay style of payment of merchandise to her collecter.. again my first at the workplace!!! sigh... =)

21 December 2007

My First

I have this complete mixed emotions while writing this for a reason that I am still clueless. Maybe because, I'll be doing this blogging for the first time over the virtual network. I have the dilemma of being critiqued, mocked, and ridiculed at the same time. I don't know what would be the public approval over this undertaking. No PhilRating, Moodys, and Fitch please. =)

I just hope that people would not give this blog equal attention to the controversial ZTE broadband deal hovering the little government of GMA. Fella, I have different stories to expose. No kickback and greed issues but more of life realities everybody could relate. =)

Allow me also to acknowledge my friend, Bren, for his technical expertise why this "my corner" reached your sweet little eyes. He is a business graduate, yet already learned the language of world wide web by being a mouse potato most often. Let me ad his website also,

Until my next... =)

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