This Day Sucks Big Time

Just this morning I had two different heated arguments, one with my officemate and onother one with a client. I was hoping that this day would be give me a break since I already hurdled my last exam and the memo for board approval both yesterday. I just figured that i've pushed myself to the limits for the past two weeks.

Nevertheless, I was again reminded for the nth time that life is all about strokes of unpredictabilities and uncertainties. We live in a dynamic world so we must also expect volatilities any moment. Much of our desire to moderate our daily living, environmental factors are present in our life.

Admittedly, I'm still working for my low temperament. But at my end, I know that i was still tactful during the course of our discussion. I didn't show enmity though deep inside of me, I wanted to raise my voice a little higher. I was still diplomatic in my actions and in words.

Peeps, let's not allow our emotions to head above us. We might not be virtuous all the time, but these people might serve us a training ground for becoming a better person. Things take place of a purpose, and these illogical people served its purpose for me.

I've vented already. Hope no more suprises this afternoon. Sigh!!!


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