Looking Back

My mouse was nowhere to lead me late last night when I accidentally opened a “Personal” folder at my laptop. Inquisitive enough, I hastily checked what were the files deposited into it through the years. Few seconds after going through the from topmost list, I took a second look to the file named “Essay”. I was first clueless until I finally recounted by reading through the lines again.

Folk, this essay was the article I submitted to the graduate office early quarter of last year when I was working for my admission at UPM. We were asked to pen about our interest in pursuing post graduate study. Hope you’ll get the connection. =)

My mind has been lately, the battlefield of so many thoughts, desires, dreams, fears, confusions, and hesitations, all at the same time. Truly, it’s the most active or should I say most abuse part of my physical body that I could profess nowadays. As the old adage says, never underestimate the power of one’s brain. Certainly, because it could travel up to the farthest planet Pluto, could traverse the unending slope of Pacific Ocean, and could also move you ecstatically.

Nevertheless, our brain also directs our way…our ambition… and our vision.

Same afternoon of 12 January 2007, the day when I reported my first day of work at Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and also the day I renounced being a LandBanker, I was already “cautioned”, if I got the right term, to think about pursuing higher education if I wanted to advance my career. I had barely completed my initial eight (8) working hours; yet I was immediately faced with certain dilemma. Such remark completely overshadowed the brief orientation seminar for new employees I just recently had with Human Resources Department during the late morning of the same day.

For that reason, it resounded like a clangor of a bell every time I got the chance to mingle with various friends and peers who are about to finish, presently pursuing their Masters course, and for those who already acquired the elusive title

My mind has declared truce finally! After exactly seventy-five (75) calendar days, 28 March 2007, I have great conviction in mind - to pursue Masters related to my chosen field. This time, the confusion has already demised, the hesitation likewise vanquished and the fear has slowly diminished as days passes by.

And what drives me to that crucial decision? Secondary to my career advancement, I need to be competitive at this present time. It’s been nearly six years since I had my formal education. It’s also been quite sometime since I had personal interactions with concepts, ideologies, theories, and cases. Bottom line-I am already “less marketable”, an accountant’s idiom, vis-à-vis Atty. Juan dela Cruz, CPA,CIA,MBA, etc.

Given the present competitive arena in the field of Business, pursuing higher education is already inevitable to cope up with the challenges of today’s generation. Such additional degree I believe, would embrace me, if not completely, in handling scenarios with much professional perspective, much clearer outlook, and much firm stronghold. Eventually, this will somehow serve as my intangible armor and foremost runner in begetting my aspirations and visions in this corporate world.

Aside from being competitive and for career advancement, I need to fulfill my heart for the noblest profession - teaching. Candidly, I had sent my curriculum vitae to numerous colleges and universities here in Manila and even at our province hoping that I could be considered for a part time job. Surprisingly, their common feedback and recommendation-“though I have good credentials, I must have certain units of Masteral in order to get the stint”. It might be a legislative order or an school administration preference, but it only concludes and calls my attention for pursuing higher study.

They say that good life-the one that truly satisfies- exists only when we stop wanting a better one. Satisfaction, I believe, is out of issue for this matter coz we need not to step out from the escalator of desire if we only wanted excellence and professional growth coz education, be it formal or informal, is an unending quest for learning.

These are already my driving forces that motivate me in undertaking this new challenge. These factors ignite and fuel my heart and soul to keep moving and be on the right track. It might not materialize as planned in the near future, but who knows? Unless we let the ship start to voyage in the stormy night, we could not say if it could reach the destination safe and sound.

Along with the quest for learning, one should develop a self-directed learning and should not be fully dependent to his/her mentors. This attitude should be developed and continuously enhanced to manage teaching methodologies, strategies, and approaches. Students should not fully confide to the four corners of their classroom nor but with less expectations to their respective instructors and professors since vast knowledge could be found if we explore thru our own initiative. The thrust of our mentors is only foundation of learning and our participation is to build the structure at our own. As most my previous professors say, “Only a little percentage comes them and the biggest part of learning should come from our self.”


Anonymous said...

Nice post, my friend.But don't push yourself too hard. Nothing helps with nervous breakdown!

yeng said...

Tnx for the reminder...in case u want to divuldge ur identity, id appreciate more... God bless.

accabiao said...


Congratulations for having the time to write your posts. Good entries. and i must say you are really a good writer.

I also have mine but the posts are as frequent as the rain in the Sahara. hehehe.

But really, don't be too hard on yourself. I must say that i have the same tendecies. Trying to get all those three letter initials of accomplishments just because i feel that my marketability have deteriorated thru the years. But somehow i've learned to stop looking how others how progressed and just focus on what i really want for myself. It is no longer about making myself more valuable but just accomplishing what i want for myself. Sometimes difficult especially that most of my friends in my first job are now working abroad and raking tons of money. But again, i just think about the fact that i cannot have everything. In fact, if i have everyting that i wanted, it will just spoil the small successes that i have today. Like having a job.

Anyway, too much of unsolicited advice.

Nice work again and keep the posts coming. Just want to let you know that you are one of the individuals who i admire for having a good relationship with the Lord and a good career at the same time. God Bless bro.

yeng said...

tnx, tonio.. it was least of my expectation to get a comment from an equally successful alumnus of our school but i appreciate it deeply..

though working abroad enables some to go beyond the average lifestyle, it demands multiple amount of sacrifices also..

let's just be grateful for the faithfulness and steadfast provision of our Lord in our individual workplace.. =)

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