Season in the Sun

I owe My Corner a number of blogs this time. It’s nearly a week lapsed that my page has been stagnant and I figured if cyber loots already started to rot my page. Good enough, that there’s no such thing anyway.

Folks, I was just torn lately between priorities at work and school over this newly found interest. It pains me not to make even a single post in a day, but I have to fulfill a pressing matter above else. I genuinely appreciated to have a clear delineation in case of dilemmas so as not to be skinned easily.

Needless to say, I was completely engrossed in office toil and sem-ender school stuffs. My long week vacation was even spoiled with the paper works brought home. It was my first time to ruin my Holy Week since I joined the labor force of this country. While friends and colleagues were either splurging into the seas, savoring the humidity of the atmosphere, or visiting pilgrims, I was stretching my patience how to go about figures for my Financial Management and comprehensive discussion for my masteral research.

Less of my ranting and much of my desire not to dwell about the Holy Week celebration, I was fully moved to pen last Easter Sunday how some Filipinos still superficially and pathetically observed this sacred period. Did I sound too straightforward with my statement? Pardon me anyway, but I just don’t practice euphemism over my virtual propriety. If being deliberate could cause turnarounds, why sugarcoat in the first place. In the meantime, I temporarily boxed the idea to post articles about rejuvenating vacations nook for all of us.

As far as Christianity is concerned, Holy Week is the time when one commemorates the death and resurrection of Jesus. It’s the occasion to reminisce the supreme sacrifice of our Messiah who died in the cross for the redemption of the sins. It serves as an avenue to rekindle one’s fainting relationship with the Lord. It’s the moment to reassess and re-examine the level of one’s spirituality with the Christ in the context of faith. More, the brief stint becomes an interlude for a greater knowledge of who exactly the Lord God is.

It saddens me to ponder however, about the phenomenal inclination of majority of our countrymen in this blessed time of the year. People from all walks of life are professing their unwavering faith through various medium. Devotees stand the heat of the sun just to showcase zealous connection during the agony of the Lord. Worst, blinded extremists allowed themselves to suffer the throbbing experience of carrying the cross to the extent of being wide open arms nailed in the cross.

I believe, our sovereign God asks more than public declaration of His incredulous acts and blatant display of our devotion. . Christ yearns for deeper level of connection all days of our life. He challenges us to walk away from waterbed of ignorance to the abyss of His abundance. He wants us to be unified and experience the greater heights of eternal richness. He longs only but an unseasoned intimacy with Him. No springs or fall, summer or winter.

Jesus fervently prays that we'd all be awaken from our deep slumber in order for us to see the way, the truth, and the light...

Grace be with you all.


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