The Wooden Ski Champ Invades YouTube

I got a phone call from Alvin, my teammate during the sports fest, and he informed me that our superb performance and routine was already uploaded in the YouTube. During the lunchbreak, Alain, Teris, Rhea and I were only entertaining that idea and here it comes...

So guys, for those who missed my participation..catch the above link...

Blessings Upon Blessings

I have two things to be grateful today!!! First my wooden ski team brought home the gold medal during the BSP sports fest last Saturday and my laptop is already operational after it bugged down last week.

Cheers to the powerteam of 2008 wooden ski!!! Starting from the left and with all smiles, Sir Gerry and Noel of DLC, Mau of DER, me, and Alvin of DES. I'm pretty sure that the jovial mood are still in the air, right?

Guy, though we are already tanned in color, the gold medal elucidated us even just for a couple of minutes during the awarding ceremony. LOL!!! It was really an incredulous execution and performance for all of us. The hardships, the early morning ordeal under the heat of the sun, and the blisters in our feet are worthy to be remembered anyway. Until next year cup...

BSP Mini-Olympics

This coming Saturday, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas will hold its mini-olympic at Rizal Stadium from 12:00 noon to 5:oo in the afternoon. It would be a day of excitement and fun for the five competing sectors of the Bank. The real althletes and frustrated ones would be showing their innate competencies not only in numbers and policy making but also in the hard core. The bigwigs of the monetary authority of the Philippines would be seen cheering for their own respective groups likewise.

Personally, I already had my first participation last year and it was surprising on my part that BSP employees value sports and recreational activities that high. There was a camaraderie and sportsmanship althrough out the game proper. Long before the actual competion, each team has been preparing for this half-day affair. Each sector hired experienced and titled coaches with almost daily limbering either at 5-storey roofdeck or at the venue proper. Team captains monitored the attendance and stringent training process was also undertaken to condition the body.

My sector, Monetary Stability Sector, has been preparing since January in the hope to pocket the overall championship. Last year was a pretty good bid for us since we clinched the third slot from being the underdog for a quite number of years. This coming Saturday, my sector would showcase a superb performance of all time. We are determined to win and conquer the overall championship.
Guests are welcome so join us if you are free!!! Come and witness my exceptional stint!!!

Intensive Care Unit - Laptop

I have a huge stressing problem as of this writing. It started Sunday morning but I was pretty confident then, until I caught myself helpless already this day. I could no longer contain the irritation within me coupled with the disturbance of unattended deliverables. I was more shaken on the figure involved on it. It could lead me indebted for more or less 60K if the result favored me not. I just fervently pray that results would secure my intensified fear.

Anyway, the company issued laptop in my name completely bugged down. How shocking, isn't it? During the last two days, my computer glitches unpredictably but went working during office hours. I tried to bring it home for two nights but it went practically futile to run the DVDs at home. I was hoping that it would observe the same routine this morning but I was wrong. Another single attempt to power it on placed much burden on me.

Since it was issued to me mid of last year, I’ve lost count how many times my computer gone treated for minor malfunctions including virus attacks. To my stupidity, I also accidentally toppled a cup of soup over it during the last quarter of last year which freaked me out terribly. I surfaced a composed reaction but I was trembling inside. That time, I ran immediately to the IT help desk to seek their expertise.

But around 9 this morning, I once again sought the assistance of our techie people in the Information and Technology Department to raise my concern. Per their initial assessment, I was informed that the operating system might have been corrupted and simple reformatting would suffice. Late this afternoon however, I had it tested using spare parts secured from my officemate’s laptop. The problem was more bothering to know. From mere reformatting, the caused might have been triggered from the faulty motherboard. The one who inspected my stuff even got noticed of the soup traces I’ve mentioned. OMG!!!

I just hope that things would just work favorably in me. I look forward that it would be returned without any material cost in me. I don’t want to be financially broken out of it. I’ll be crossing my fingers hardly until tomorrow. May I also seek your collective prayer in this. Thanx in advance. God speed!!

May 2008 CPA Exam

A couple of hours from now, the agony of waiting for those who sat for the May 2008 Certified Public Accountant’s (CPA) examination would be ended. It would be the culmination for the nearly six-month of hardships and enormous sacrifices dealing with the calculator, review materials, and books most often. No more burning the midnight candles for some but majority would nurse the heartbreaking feed of not making it. The moment of truth would pave way for merrymakings and celebrations but would also bring traumatic stress for almost two-thirds of the examinees.

For a matter of one day or more, the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC), a government arm commissioned to administer licensing exams, would again transform thousand of lives across the country. Truly, many have been called but only few would be chosen to survive in the almost 4-day of rigorous ordeal. Only the fittest would have the opportunity to obtain the elite identification of becoming a CPA. Only few would yell cheers in the vicinity of Morayta in Manila and many would shed tears also. At the end of the day, it would result for two fa├žades of life – either victory or temporary defeat for each one.

My story wasn’t that ancient this time and I could still rely on my processor on the details of how I acquired the title. I was a fresh grad from the promdi when I decided to undergo the strenuous review at Manila. To cut the story short, I took the CPA examination twice during October 2001 and May 2002 and without further stressing the obvious, I didn’t make it during my first attempt to bid for the title. I could still enumerate the throbbing events reckoned from the moment I heard that the result of October 2001 was already released. I was so broken when the news reached me first. But I had a resolute will to become CPA. I figured that the 3-letter word affixed on my name would be the zenith of having an Accounting degree. There was emptiness in me that I didn’t have it – thus I pursued for the second time. I felt intimidated.

Through God’s grace however, He gave me the lifetime achievement of having the elusive title during my second bid. He allowed me to prosper from the downfall with much recognition on my part. I experienced the incomparable bliss of hurdling the most arduous mental exercise of my life.

I am pretty certain that my story has a closer resemblance to anybody of you. Once defeated but took the challenge to flourish. I hope that this would inspire hundreds of individual who had the same fate like me. I hope that they would remember that “There is always a victory in defeat.”

Congrulations to the passers and happy job hunting!!!

Too Near yet so Far

i still try to warmth within me
strech the numb arms to comfort me
breath the thin air to sustain me
yet, the breeze struggles me
it lashes deeply within me
i may not endure long
until when will it last?
i pray it will weaken
i pray it will fold

Gone in the Wind

I am 2.1K less richer, according to my self-imposed measure, because of unforeseen event that happened last Friday afternoon. I was practically oblivious that I already don’t have my 10-year old possession. It was also a delayed awareness in me that that my wallet could no longer be found only at around 7 pm after I finished playing badminton. I checked my knapsack, inspected the locker where I lodged my things, and returned to my office drawer but efforts seemed futile. I jogged my memory to refresh the day’s activities but I ended up frustrated. My night was practically ruined and I began to entertain multitude of possibilities, including not going to Batangas the same night for a weekend escapade. I was pretty disgruntled about the hassles incumbent about the cryptic disappearance of my wallet. I was even more saddened that I placed a little amount of skepticism towards my officemate.

Over a decade, my wallet was truly a loyal partner that never deserted me through my thick and thin days. It served as the deaf witness of how much I struggled in life for the last years. It had a complete memory of my lavish and impulsive expenditures during abundance. It had a proper accounting of the people I extended assistance. More, it had a precise number of Xs’ photos that I had framed in it. My possession was part of my history but much of my desire to prolong our togetherness; the burglar took advantage of my absence probably around 430 in the same day. The culprit ended almost a decade of amity to advance his/her personal interest.

I was contemplating until this time that history tries to repeat itself since the MC Jim wallet was acquired back in 2nd year college for the reason that somebody pick-pocketed my first gifted money keeper. The incidents slipped in my consciousness and both wallet were loaded with some purchasing power. I guess that I might have a benevolent blood in me for the two-count of generosity and the culprits were good enough with their lucky pick anyway. LOL!!

I’ve done some precautionary actions to protect my interest likewise. After few minutes of fretting moments, I immediately placed a call to the providers of my two credit cards to take appropriate measures for possible attempts of fictitious transactions. I figured that were five various identifications such licenses, ATM/Credit cards, School ID, and other magnetic items inserted at my wallet. I still have high hopes that could be returned to me this day, Monday.

But amidst the trouble times, I’ve experienced that God’s grace is truly present even in the downsides of life. Oliver, an officemate, got himself in the same jeepney where I was boarded. I told my story and asked that if he could lend me P1,000.00 to defray my weekend expenses. He nodded unhesitantly and granted my favor. God didn’t not end up manifesting His majesty and even extended through other people in my condomate. I relayed to them the adversity and I wasn’t expecting that God would also move through previous planting of goodness. Albert handed me his partial payment of P1,000 for the lease deposit I personally advanced last year. I was truly blessed after contemplating the sovereign power of God.

A Brand New Day

I am for sale only for today!!!

Yes, you’ve read it vividly. You were not mistaken about my unexpected bid for advertisement. I could be cheaply taken home at P4,500.00 or even less depending on the gift of gap of yours to haggle. The winning bidder could even have summer time discount depending on the terms of payment. If you are affluent enough however, you could have me easily at the comfort of your fingertips. My promotion has no hidden charges or incumbent facilitation fees to bring me home. All cost inclusive and no regulatory tax due therein once the transaction is consummated.

My apology if I might have confused you already. I could have possibly given you the wrong impression with the marketing campaign I employ. You might have perceived also that I have made a drastic career shift overnight and that I am making filthy money at a bargained price. On the contrary, I am still an accountant by profession and perhaps would still be my lifelong craft. I am fulfilled with how I am being compensated by my generous institution. But, folks, I just feel that I’m pretty marketable knowing in mind that I am almost brand new today. From head to toe – I have new possessions just recently acquired. I have new sets of belongings that made me extra confident today. Overall, I am preppy looking with my Italian linen polo barong, 100% cotton fabric undershirt, semi-pointed black pair of shoes, and my silky pair of socks.

I don’t mean to proud out of P4,500.00 worth of new accessories suited on me. I surmise that the aggregate cost of yours could have surpassed mine even thrice or more. I hope that you won’t raise your eyebrows with my seemingly uncalled fuss. I’d just like to showcase a corporate decorum and project a good looking attitude at a reasonable price. I am not very brand conscious individual, but I go after prim stance without sacrificing my finances either. I am quite thrifty when it comes to spending by the way.

At any rate, I robbed a little time to make this post though it sounds superficial at all. I have set aside my pending work to paid tribute for the abundance of blessing from God firsthand. He is responsible for the things I am enjoying right now. More, i would just like to complement myself also and to capture the frenzied moment in me. No other agenda or whatsoever. =)

Time After Time

It's already May!!!

It sounds little exagerration on my part but i did softly uttered the words when I was heading back to Manila, Sunday afternoon, after a four-day recluse. I just felt that time really flies so fast without me knowing at all. I realized that I have wasted another month without much personal incremental development on my part. It was only April last week and here comes the month of festivities and religious ceremonies. I quipped to myself that I have not at all engaged in vacation activities yet days wanted to cross rainy season already. I have also not fully enjoyed the study break yet June is swifly approaching for my schooling.

Truly, the passage of time is an element of life. It is an accessory thing certain to happen like the inevitable death. Like life demise, the sun would predicatably rise from the east and would set in the west. Tomorrow would still be equivalent to 24 hours or 1440 minutes and a minute would always be comprised by 60 seconds. Yes, the science has already mastered the degree of variations in the phenomenon and its probabilities. Nobody could escape from the savoring ingredients of the walks of the world. But, one thing could set us apart from the discipline of science and its intricacies. One could be differentiated from the CHOICES within the boundaries of the time that is given to anyone.

Nowadays, I have crossed nearly half, 27 to be exact, of the average diminishing lifespan of mankind. My existence is entirely a product of continuous voyage and a result of multitudes of stories. I can’t fully profess mine is a framework of success. I can’t assert either that mine is an epitome of triumph. My own standards is entirely unique and precasted beforehand. Much of my desire to take control of my life, I encountered rough storms that drowned me in becoming a stronger person. I have slipped opportunities and made unpopular decisions, likewise. Though, I didn’t give up easily in the seemingly endless trials and frustrations. I equipped myself with lessons that fueled me to bridge the gap of mediocrity.

What if it’s already May??? Few fours from now another day would just bid goodbye obliviously to me and to the rest of humankind. But, I’d like to remind that the measures of life isn’t about accumulating numbers through the years of existence but lies in serving the purpose bestowed upon us. We will never walk in the same road again and the right time to unveil the boldness and the courage to conquer the fear in us is now. The march of the clock is an elusive opportunity to polish the rough edge in us and to minister to other people. No later, no tomorrow, we are called upon now.

Today is a chance to prosper and be victorious. People around us would always serve as our inspiration and encouragement in fulfilling the laws of God. Nobody walks in the stormy night alone - one needs another. Time is precious, so let us utilize every tick of the clock in noble ways and in a more grandeur manner. Then, when time comes to have the Divine meaure - we have already known the deep purpose behorehand.

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