Time After Time

It's already May!!!

It sounds little exagerration on my part but i did softly uttered the words when I was heading back to Manila, Sunday afternoon, after a four-day recluse. I just felt that time really flies so fast without me knowing at all. I realized that I have wasted another month without much personal incremental development on my part. It was only April last week and here comes the month of festivities and religious ceremonies. I quipped to myself that I have not at all engaged in vacation activities yet days wanted to cross rainy season already. I have also not fully enjoyed the study break yet June is swifly approaching for my schooling.

Truly, the passage of time is an element of life. It is an accessory thing certain to happen like the inevitable death. Like life demise, the sun would predicatably rise from the east and would set in the west. Tomorrow would still be equivalent to 24 hours or 1440 minutes and a minute would always be comprised by 60 seconds. Yes, the science has already mastered the degree of variations in the phenomenon and its probabilities. Nobody could escape from the savoring ingredients of the walks of the world. But, one thing could set us apart from the discipline of science and its intricacies. One could be differentiated from the CHOICES within the boundaries of the time that is given to anyone.

Nowadays, I have crossed nearly half, 27 to be exact, of the average diminishing lifespan of mankind. My existence is entirely a product of continuous voyage and a result of multitudes of stories. I can’t fully profess mine is a framework of success. I can’t assert either that mine is an epitome of triumph. My own standards is entirely unique and precasted beforehand. Much of my desire to take control of my life, I encountered rough storms that drowned me in becoming a stronger person. I have slipped opportunities and made unpopular decisions, likewise. Though, I didn’t give up easily in the seemingly endless trials and frustrations. I equipped myself with lessons that fueled me to bridge the gap of mediocrity.

What if it’s already May??? Few fours from now another day would just bid goodbye obliviously to me and to the rest of humankind. But, I’d like to remind that the measures of life isn’t about accumulating numbers through the years of existence but lies in serving the purpose bestowed upon us. We will never walk in the same road again and the right time to unveil the boldness and the courage to conquer the fear in us is now. The march of the clock is an elusive opportunity to polish the rough edge in us and to minister to other people. No later, no tomorrow, we are called upon now.

Today is a chance to prosper and be victorious. People around us would always serve as our inspiration and encouragement in fulfilling the laws of God. Nobody walks in the stormy night alone - one needs another. Time is precious, so let us utilize every tick of the clock in noble ways and in a more grandeur manner. Then, when time comes to have the Divine meaure - we have already known the deep purpose behorehand.


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