Labor Day

Tomorrow will be the national celebration of Labor Day across the archipelago. It would be the 108th observance since the first cry for the worker’s economic right transpired on 1 May 1903. A designated time of the year to commemorate every labor force belonging in the depressed sweat shops in the far flung community to the multinational companies based in the metropolis. It would be an opportunity for some to indulge in a respite but would also be an occasion for more to earn twice than their daily remuneration. Indeed, its been a mammoth irony of labor sector that has never been addressed over the decade of unending quest to elate everybody's interest.

It saddens me to ponder that the long battle for our poor laborers remains unheard by the deafening administration of ours. The combat governing the welfare of the workforce has always been brought in the streets on this day. Few hours from now, many of the impoverished employees will continue to march in the remarkable places to air their grievances. Many of the labor advocates will unite in the vicinity of MalacaƱang and along conspicuous places to catch the attention of the apathetic government. It would be another day to voice out their needing concerns and an opportunity to fire effigies of the most hatred officials as a form of disapproval. Through the years, countless lives have been paid and bloods have been shed to combat the diminishing welfare protection for the greatest asset of each institution – the employee.

Since the day I became a tax contributor of this state during the heightened political instability upon dethronement of Joseph Estrada, I’ve gone through the highs and lows of being an employee. I’ve experienced rejections, diminished morale, and unfair treatment at the early beginning of the recruitment process and even during my short stint with my previous employers. I have unique stories that hammered me of who I am right now. I’ve hardly survived with the meager income for a month of hard toil. I was having a hard time to meet both ends to be stable and foot the necessities of life. I have received recognitions and achievements related to my work but likewise encountered the thorns of being employed.

Tomorrow, I will also mark my 6th year participation of Labor Day and a time for me to enjoy the privilege of paid eight hours of work but, unlike the majority, I will be away from the pressing demands of my work. I feel quite nostalgic for not being home for nearly two-weeks already and I decided to be home early to avail of the Holiday. I will try to pamper myself with some soothing activities to experience the genuine essence of the Labor Day. It would be a day of me to indulge with the fruit of my labor and the benefit of being with generous institution.

Tomorrow will be also be another typical day for the militant groups, for the professionals, for the factory workers, for the soldiers, and for me. A grisly journey that has never ended to extinguish inequities involving labor force. People will continue to suffer from the hands of companies whose primordial objective is profiteering itself at the expense of its employees. The battle cry will be cascaded to the generations to come and will remain unaddressed. I might not have set record to address their concerns, but I will pray faithfully that the whispers of these organizations will be heard not by the dull government but by the Sovereign God above.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you will be surprised if I tell you that holiday has no placed in our office. And you know what, the worst of all we still awake till 4 am this morning because of the deadline that impossible to be done (hay akala siguro nila kami si superwoman buti sana kung may increase man lang) you think we have strong case in labor here?

Anonymous said...

I believe God’s gift to us through work is a sense of satisfaction-our work & toil is always coupled with benefit & fulfillment -because He knows the value of honest labor. His design through the rising & falling in our life, the sometimes unpleasant labor, is to perfect us into Himself. The high point lies in the fact that He never going to makes a mistake with the motif that He’s specially designed for us. He brings out the beauty of harmony and richness as He directs every facet of our lives…as we live, work, and bears our burden be assured everything is under in His control.

yeng said...

hi, reader... i am sorry to hear your story...that is exactly the point of my blog... companies try to exploit their human resources to advance their interest...with regards to your last query, i am not in a position to address it, but you could always look for a better employer in case you feel exploited too much..

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