Sense of Productivity

I feel quite productive for the accomplishments I’ve done yesterday. It was Manila Day and since my office is situated in the heart of the city, I enjoyed the privilege of not attending to work in commemoration of its foundation. Some of my to-do-lists were things that were long been scheduled to be performed but I just don’t have the luxury of time given my work schedule and other extra curricular activities.

I initially planned to wake up early, but the post typhoon breeze of Frank stretched my regular six-hours of sleep to 8 in the morning. I had to put the blame on myself also since I took my bed rest past 12:00 midnight Monday night. I promised to run only a number of episodes of Prison Break but can’t help on the thrilling and exciting jail breakout of the lead cast. They were still under chase - Season 2 Episode 19...

At any rate, here are the activities I myself did.

Around 8:30, I fixed my bed and afterwards I helped preparing our breakfast - Dennis’ special version of omelet and fried luncheon meat. Dennis was taking as the lead chef and I was again watching in-between and Bren was the lone expectator. Bren joined us in since he is also working somewhere in Manila area. Good job!!!

At 11:00, Dennis and I went to GSIS. It was my business at first to facilitate the replacement of my e-cared but Dennis went along with me for his card activation for future loan transaction. I was informed however that Union Bank would do the replacement of my card. I went on the nearby branch and signed up for my request after paying P300.00 for the re-issuance of it. Two-thumbs up!!!

Before lunch, we reached the office of Institute of Internal Auditors at Valero, Makati. Dennis had some personal business while I thought of getting my membership ID that was issued in 2006 I guess – at last after two years. Nerissa, a former officeamate at Land Bank, also dropped in the office and we had a short chat during our stay there.

Next stop was Glorietta for our meal. Thanks Dennis for sponsoring my food – nice pick at Teriyaki Boy. After the lunch, we already parted ways. I had less than 30-minute window shopping at electronic stores located in Greenbelt area. I was looking for iphone but I had not seen one since the Mac store isn’t supporting the unit according to the salesperson - too bad for me.

I headed back to our condo to wait for my sister who was on her way to Manila. Few minutes after 2, she informed me that she was already boarded on a cab going to my place. She handed me the things that were to be given to my other sibling working in Sucat.

By 3:00, I went again business district of Makati to see my special friend. We arranged last week that we’ll be having a lunch but I was informed around 10:00, that she had an unexpected meeting that ran long and requested if we could just instead have a late lunch at 3:00 - I think she was referring for a timely snacks? LOL. We dined in a near by restaurant and took time to update our lives. We ended nearing 5:00 in the afternoon and she returned to work.

Around 8:00, Bren and I went Sucat to deliver the package for my sister. I met my classmate in college, Leanor, and she sponsored Bren’s dinner. I was not that familiar on areas going south and our taxi fare totalled P250.00 including the toll fee just for one way. I’ll just take the public transportation the next time I paid visit.

What an exhausting day for me for me and by 10:00……. snoozzzzzzzzeeeeee

Brain Glitch

I’m engaged in a deep assessment if I could still depend to my memory these days. Though, it hasn’t brought me any trouble or mess, I am so particular about its passive performance lately. Perhaps, I am just too unoccupied at work thereby giving me an opportunity to be cynic to the infinite prowess of the brain. I’ve been considering to take medical supplements on a regular basis coz I’ve been very poor on recalling events, persons, and indispensable stuffs that I normally do. I also have a pea-sized dilemma if I could still perform well in my studies given this memory gap of mine.

For this week alone, I’ve forgot, in one way or another, to get a handkerchief at my closet, spray my favorite scent in my body and suit the leather belt to my pants. They were quite accessories though and I somehow managed even during the absence of the identified instances but today - I can’t help but to doubt my brain. I obliviously stepped-out from the condo without a personal property that anybody can’t outlive today – my cellular phone. I just noticed it when I got myself inside the office and I was hoping that it would be the worst of this week but as I was praying with my faith-group this early morning, the name of my officemate slipped to me and I momentarily paused during that time and discretely asked the person next to me before I proceeded.

For most of us, we have the intuition that prompts us with the idea that something is missing in us the moment walk-out from our individual dwelling place. There is this generous spirit that makes us uncomfortable in case we left something undone or we failed to do a routine. This self-motivated hindsight gives us an instant precaution that we have not perfectly done things. At times, we will just be conscious about it when we will already make use of that thing.

During my teeny years, I used to have a journal of the things happening on my life. I made my to-do lists for the next day and for the couple of months using an improvised journal. I blotted the activities ahead and it served as my diary coz I wrote about my frustrations, joys, and fulfillment at the same time. I have the propensity to overlook events as scheduled even. I was on that habit for couple of months I guess until the passion vanished.

My occasional memory glitch might be the result of me not getting so young – an early manifestation of old age. It might be a reminder also that I have not utilized it under its full capacity. It’s a wake up call to lessen watching the sequels of Scofield of Prison Break and Kent of Smallville. It’s high time to indulge in informative readings in preparation for my demanding school tasks. I patch of reality that I could gain more in reading than watching.

Me and Public Service

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In light of public expectations relative to the performance of work by each government employee or even those affiliated in the private sectors; individuals should observe some degree of norms, traditions, and customs to somehow elevate the standards though not to meet the best practices among the industry but just even at par among others.

Pubic service or in Filipino language coined as “Serbisyo Publiko” demands much from the public or in general being its foremost clientele. The level of bar varies differently when an individual opted to work in the government workforce. It adopts the concept that public service is a fiduciary in nature or based on the trust of the public.

Having been connected in the government for more than three (4) years, exclusive of my one (1) year and three (3) months under contractual status, I have witnessed how government employees perform, act, and conduct their respective job assignments in their own perspective.

To start with, never in my consciousness, had I dreamt of being included in the workforce in the most often lambasted sector of the society, the government. Much has been poked and said as to the bureaucracy, corruption integrated in the system. I actually foresee myself, during my early days, in the private sector or be landed among most successful companies in the region armed with ideologies and dynamism being a young professional.

At first, I didn’t fail myself with all I had built in my lucid mind. I joined the pioneer company in the credit card operation in 2002 right after hurdling the comprehensive and rigorous Certified Public Examination administered also of the same year. Work excitement then turned boredom only in the few weeks of my work. In short, I resigned for nearly four (4) months in total.

But fate turned otherwise as I planned, my career with state run institution started when I accepted the entry level job at Land Bank of the Philippines on November 2002. That was when I had a patch of being a public servant with much more ideologies originated from the frustrations I had with my previous employment.

During the first few days in the performance of my duties as an auditor, I was apprised of the relative complexities being in the government service. Among of which and on top of the office rules and regulations issued internally, we were briefed about the intervention of Civil Service Commission, being the state arm in the overall supervision of all public servant within its jurisdiction.

The appreciation of what has been uttered were relatively nil or if not totally none. I was that time more concerned of developing harmony with my newly gained friends and acquaintances.

Realizing the importance however, I reviewed the norms and conducts in my chosen field. I looked back and tried to inculcate the virtues not only by mind but also by heart. I developed deeper appreciation of the values I have to observe in the delivery of my audit engagement.

I upheld that my utmost consideration is the public being my employer in its literal sense. The general public was the one who paid my salary and my subsistence. I performed my audit engagement with certain degree of professionalism that could not be compromised. Though majority of my audit work plan dealt more of the bank employees and internal processes, I also interacted with the private individuals and corporate clients professionally.

During the scope of the audit planning, I practiced judgment in selecting sampled accounts so that my audit report would surface the condition of each lending centers under the audit. Audit reports were prepared with transparency and justness. Political accounts were included in the samples to elicit deviations relative to the restrictions incumbent to credit facilities to government accounts. This would address political neutrality among the constituents within the area.

I became responsive to the expectations and needs of the general public. Public concerns were immediately acted upon and elevated to the higher authorities for resolution. I became more nationalistic and patriotic by performing my job with pride among my peers here and abroad. I committed myself to the service in spite of all negative stories hovering with colleagues in the public serivce. I learned to live simply and within my means.

These were my declarations I had with my previous employer which I am still bound to observe now that I belong to much prestigious institution, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. The responsibility is more daunting but as long as I live with the principles and ethical actions provided in the law, I should fear no man for God is the ultimate judge who weighs more than the bar in existence.

Life Insurance - For Sale

My appointment last night almost slipped to my mind. Yesterday, I was pretty pre-occupied on the scheduled bowling tournament after the office hours and I was a bit stressed to accommodate additional tasks afterwards. I was thinking to take an early night rest but upon reaching home, Dennis asked me if I did receive the text messages from Gerwin? OMG, I felt very sorry for myself for not being unprofessional – unattended meeting. But nevertheless, I managed on it just on the right time.

Though still exhausted, I intently listened on the to Gerwin’s business. He is new friend who introduced me about the importance of having a personal insurance in my behalf. He is a pastor’s kid, a passionate mountaineer, and Manulife senior sales associate. At first, he informed me on the features and the blah blah blah of it. How much would I be paying, the return of investment, the relative dividends, and other information. For a matter of 30 minutes or less we ended up and I got the gist of what I have to know.

This time, I have a great desire to own one or maybe additional two at my name. I wanted to secure the future of my family and my loved one’s in case unexpected events happened on me. I yearn to give them a pleasant lifestyle in my absence. I don’t want to burden them monetarily in case of accidents and demise. I have strong conviction to posses these things, but I have the greatest obstruction to facilitate these dreams. I am short of finances to pay the premiums incumbent therein. I haven’t considered it in my cash position for the next one year I guess.

I believe that there’s a proper timing for everything. It may be running a business, settling early, pursuing career shift, securing attractive insurance policies, and lots more. It takes a lot of values and hardwork to succeed in every endeavor. It may not be the appropriate period on me, but I will fulfill what’s best and would be beneficial for my family - a promise written in my heart and not in any contract forms.

Education 101

The opening of school year 2008-2009 is just few sleeps away for the students as far as conventional program is concern. This season, scholastic institutions are wide-gate open for the enrollees, transferees and new students. Parents are taking the last minute savings to defray the escalating cost of education. Late shopping spree is surely at craze in the malls and even in the low-priced offers at fly by night markets. Incoming freshmen in the secondary and collegiate level surely nurse mixed emotions of excitements and fears. On the other hand, old students might be complaining that the vacation is quite short and that new sets of ordeal have set to come.

My observations are not founded weak I guess. Those remarks are anchored according to the best teacher in life, experience. I have strong conviction that those comments still uphold much in this time. It may not exactly surface the majority of the population, but the mean distribution is within the tolerable error. It is because, I, myself experienced all of the identified scenarios during my schooling.

I’d like to give the full credit to my parents for the intangible treasure given to me. I am so grateful that my parents didn’t give up in fulfilling their obligation. I am so thankful for their undivided heart for us to complete our education. That inspite the pressing financial difficultly in our younger days, the more they became stronger in spirit. Though they were monetarily broken oftentimes, they valued the education the most. I saw their unflinching desire for us to finish, probably because they were deprived of it.

At my age, I am still student myself. I am presently pursuing post business graduate studies at UP-Manila. I hardly planned of it but it was a hard-pressed decision last year. I thought that what I had was enough, but circumstances challenged my capabilties. I figured that this is anyway a two-way process for continuous learning and in preparation for career advancement. The only difference is that, I shoulder the expenses out of my earnings and no longer dependent to my parents.

At the end of the day, education is a key for self-survival in this hard times. My parents started the legacy and my part to continue to my generations to come. I will embrace with my parents virtues - strong and fearless.

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