Brain Glitch

I’m engaged in a deep assessment if I could still depend to my memory these days. Though, it hasn’t brought me any trouble or mess, I am so particular about its passive performance lately. Perhaps, I am just too unoccupied at work thereby giving me an opportunity to be cynic to the infinite prowess of the brain. I’ve been considering to take medical supplements on a regular basis coz I’ve been very poor on recalling events, persons, and indispensable stuffs that I normally do. I also have a pea-sized dilemma if I could still perform well in my studies given this memory gap of mine.

For this week alone, I’ve forgot, in one way or another, to get a handkerchief at my closet, spray my favorite scent in my body and suit the leather belt to my pants. They were quite accessories though and I somehow managed even during the absence of the identified instances but today - I can’t help but to doubt my brain. I obliviously stepped-out from the condo without a personal property that anybody can’t outlive today – my cellular phone. I just noticed it when I got myself inside the office and I was hoping that it would be the worst of this week but as I was praying with my faith-group this early morning, the name of my officemate slipped to me and I momentarily paused during that time and discretely asked the person next to me before I proceeded.

For most of us, we have the intuition that prompts us with the idea that something is missing in us the moment walk-out from our individual dwelling place. There is this generous spirit that makes us uncomfortable in case we left something undone or we failed to do a routine. This self-motivated hindsight gives us an instant precaution that we have not perfectly done things. At times, we will just be conscious about it when we will already make use of that thing.

During my teeny years, I used to have a journal of the things happening on my life. I made my to-do lists for the next day and for the couple of months using an improvised journal. I blotted the activities ahead and it served as my diary coz I wrote about my frustrations, joys, and fulfillment at the same time. I have the propensity to overlook events as scheduled even. I was on that habit for couple of months I guess until the passion vanished.

My occasional memory glitch might be the result of me not getting so young – an early manifestation of old age. It might be a reminder also that I have not utilized it under its full capacity. It’s a wake up call to lessen watching the sequels of Scofield of Prison Break and Kent of Smallville. It’s high time to indulge in informative readings in preparation for my demanding school tasks. I patch of reality that I could gain more in reading than watching.


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