Me and Public Service

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In light of public expectations relative to the performance of work by each government employee or even those affiliated in the private sectors; individuals should observe some degree of norms, traditions, and customs to somehow elevate the standards though not to meet the best practices among the industry but just even at par among others.

Pubic service or in Filipino language coined as “Serbisyo Publiko” demands much from the public or in general being its foremost clientele. The level of bar varies differently when an individual opted to work in the government workforce. It adopts the concept that public service is a fiduciary in nature or based on the trust of the public.

Having been connected in the government for more than three (4) years, exclusive of my one (1) year and three (3) months under contractual status, I have witnessed how government employees perform, act, and conduct their respective job assignments in their own perspective.

To start with, never in my consciousness, had I dreamt of being included in the workforce in the most often lambasted sector of the society, the government. Much has been poked and said as to the bureaucracy, corruption integrated in the system. I actually foresee myself, during my early days, in the private sector or be landed among most successful companies in the region armed with ideologies and dynamism being a young professional.

At first, I didn’t fail myself with all I had built in my lucid mind. I joined the pioneer company in the credit card operation in 2002 right after hurdling the comprehensive and rigorous Certified Public Examination administered also of the same year. Work excitement then turned boredom only in the few weeks of my work. In short, I resigned for nearly four (4) months in total.

But fate turned otherwise as I planned, my career with state run institution started when I accepted the entry level job at Land Bank of the Philippines on November 2002. That was when I had a patch of being a public servant with much more ideologies originated from the frustrations I had with my previous employment.

During the first few days in the performance of my duties as an auditor, I was apprised of the relative complexities being in the government service. Among of which and on top of the office rules and regulations issued internally, we were briefed about the intervention of Civil Service Commission, being the state arm in the overall supervision of all public servant within its jurisdiction.

The appreciation of what has been uttered were relatively nil or if not totally none. I was that time more concerned of developing harmony with my newly gained friends and acquaintances.

Realizing the importance however, I reviewed the norms and conducts in my chosen field. I looked back and tried to inculcate the virtues not only by mind but also by heart. I developed deeper appreciation of the values I have to observe in the delivery of my audit engagement.

I upheld that my utmost consideration is the public being my employer in its literal sense. The general public was the one who paid my salary and my subsistence. I performed my audit engagement with certain degree of professionalism that could not be compromised. Though majority of my audit work plan dealt more of the bank employees and internal processes, I also interacted with the private individuals and corporate clients professionally.

During the scope of the audit planning, I practiced judgment in selecting sampled accounts so that my audit report would surface the condition of each lending centers under the audit. Audit reports were prepared with transparency and justness. Political accounts were included in the samples to elicit deviations relative to the restrictions incumbent to credit facilities to government accounts. This would address political neutrality among the constituents within the area.

I became responsive to the expectations and needs of the general public. Public concerns were immediately acted upon and elevated to the higher authorities for resolution. I became more nationalistic and patriotic by performing my job with pride among my peers here and abroad. I committed myself to the service in spite of all negative stories hovering with colleagues in the public serivce. I learned to live simply and within my means.

These were my declarations I had with my previous employer which I am still bound to observe now that I belong to much prestigious institution, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. The responsibility is more daunting but as long as I live with the principles and ethical actions provided in the law, I should fear no man for God is the ultimate judge who weighs more than the bar in existence.


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