Life Insurance - For Sale

My appointment last night almost slipped to my mind. Yesterday, I was pretty pre-occupied on the scheduled bowling tournament after the office hours and I was a bit stressed to accommodate additional tasks afterwards. I was thinking to take an early night rest but upon reaching home, Dennis asked me if I did receive the text messages from Gerwin? OMG, I felt very sorry for myself for not being unprofessional – unattended meeting. But nevertheless, I managed on it just on the right time.

Though still exhausted, I intently listened on the to Gerwin’s business. He is new friend who introduced me about the importance of having a personal insurance in my behalf. He is a pastor’s kid, a passionate mountaineer, and Manulife senior sales associate. At first, he informed me on the features and the blah blah blah of it. How much would I be paying, the return of investment, the relative dividends, and other information. For a matter of 30 minutes or less we ended up and I got the gist of what I have to know.

This time, I have a great desire to own one or maybe additional two at my name. I wanted to secure the future of my family and my loved one’s in case unexpected events happened on me. I yearn to give them a pleasant lifestyle in my absence. I don’t want to burden them monetarily in case of accidents and demise. I have strong conviction to posses these things, but I have the greatest obstruction to facilitate these dreams. I am short of finances to pay the premiums incumbent therein. I haven’t considered it in my cash position for the next one year I guess.

I believe that there’s a proper timing for everything. It may be running a business, settling early, pursuing career shift, securing attractive insurance policies, and lots more. It takes a lot of values and hardwork to succeed in every endeavor. It may not be the appropriate period on me, but I will fulfill what’s best and would be beneficial for my family - a promise written in my heart and not in any contract forms.


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