Education 101

The opening of school year 2008-2009 is just few sleeps away for the students as far as conventional program is concern. This season, scholastic institutions are wide-gate open for the enrollees, transferees and new students. Parents are taking the last minute savings to defray the escalating cost of education. Late shopping spree is surely at craze in the malls and even in the low-priced offers at fly by night markets. Incoming freshmen in the secondary and collegiate level surely nurse mixed emotions of excitements and fears. On the other hand, old students might be complaining that the vacation is quite short and that new sets of ordeal have set to come.

My observations are not founded weak I guess. Those remarks are anchored according to the best teacher in life, experience. I have strong conviction that those comments still uphold much in this time. It may not exactly surface the majority of the population, but the mean distribution is within the tolerable error. It is because, I, myself experienced all of the identified scenarios during my schooling.

I’d like to give the full credit to my parents for the intangible treasure given to me. I am so grateful that my parents didn’t give up in fulfilling their obligation. I am so thankful for their undivided heart for us to complete our education. That inspite the pressing financial difficultly in our younger days, the more they became stronger in spirit. Though they were monetarily broken oftentimes, they valued the education the most. I saw their unflinching desire for us to finish, probably because they were deprived of it.

At my age, I am still student myself. I am presently pursuing post business graduate studies at UP-Manila. I hardly planned of it but it was a hard-pressed decision last year. I thought that what I had was enough, but circumstances challenged my capabilties. I figured that this is anyway a two-way process for continuous learning and in preparation for career advancement. The only difference is that, I shoulder the expenses out of my earnings and no longer dependent to my parents.

At the end of the day, education is a key for self-survival in this hard times. My parents started the legacy and my part to continue to my generations to come. I will embrace with my parents virtues - strong and fearless.


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