Sense of Productivity

I feel quite productive for the accomplishments I’ve done yesterday. It was Manila Day and since my office is situated in the heart of the city, I enjoyed the privilege of not attending to work in commemoration of its foundation. Some of my to-do-lists were things that were long been scheduled to be performed but I just don’t have the luxury of time given my work schedule and other extra curricular activities.

I initially planned to wake up early, but the post typhoon breeze of Frank stretched my regular six-hours of sleep to 8 in the morning. I had to put the blame on myself also since I took my bed rest past 12:00 midnight Monday night. I promised to run only a number of episodes of Prison Break but can’t help on the thrilling and exciting jail breakout of the lead cast. They were still under chase - Season 2 Episode 19...

At any rate, here are the activities I myself did.

Around 8:30, I fixed my bed and afterwards I helped preparing our breakfast - Dennis’ special version of omelet and fried luncheon meat. Dennis was taking as the lead chef and I was again watching in-between and Bren was the lone expectator. Bren joined us in since he is also working somewhere in Manila area. Good job!!!

At 11:00, Dennis and I went to GSIS. It was my business at first to facilitate the replacement of my e-cared but Dennis went along with me for his card activation for future loan transaction. I was informed however that Union Bank would do the replacement of my card. I went on the nearby branch and signed up for my request after paying P300.00 for the re-issuance of it. Two-thumbs up!!!

Before lunch, we reached the office of Institute of Internal Auditors at Valero, Makati. Dennis had some personal business while I thought of getting my membership ID that was issued in 2006 I guess – at last after two years. Nerissa, a former officeamate at Land Bank, also dropped in the office and we had a short chat during our stay there.

Next stop was Glorietta for our meal. Thanks Dennis for sponsoring my food – nice pick at Teriyaki Boy. After the lunch, we already parted ways. I had less than 30-minute window shopping at electronic stores located in Greenbelt area. I was looking for iphone but I had not seen one since the Mac store isn’t supporting the unit according to the salesperson - too bad for me.

I headed back to our condo to wait for my sister who was on her way to Manila. Few minutes after 2, she informed me that she was already boarded on a cab going to my place. She handed me the things that were to be given to my other sibling working in Sucat.

By 3:00, I went again business district of Makati to see my special friend. We arranged last week that we’ll be having a lunch but I was informed around 10:00, that she had an unexpected meeting that ran long and requested if we could just instead have a late lunch at 3:00 - I think she was referring for a timely snacks? LOL. We dined in a near by restaurant and took time to update our lives. We ended nearing 5:00 in the afternoon and she returned to work.

Around 8:00, Bren and I went Sucat to deliver the package for my sister. I met my classmate in college, Leanor, and she sponsored Bren’s dinner. I was not that familiar on areas going south and our taxi fare totalled P250.00 including the toll fee just for one way. I’ll just take the public transportation the next time I paid visit.

What an exhausting day for me for me and by 10:00……. snoozzzzzzzzeeeeee


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