A Brand New Day

I am for sale only for today!!!

Yes, you’ve read it vividly. You were not mistaken about my unexpected bid for advertisement. I could be cheaply taken home at P4,500.00 or even less depending on the gift of gap of yours to haggle. The winning bidder could even have summer time discount depending on the terms of payment. If you are affluent enough however, you could have me easily at the comfort of your fingertips. My promotion has no hidden charges or incumbent facilitation fees to bring me home. All cost inclusive and no regulatory tax due therein once the transaction is consummated.

My apology if I might have confused you already. I could have possibly given you the wrong impression with the marketing campaign I employ. You might have perceived also that I have made a drastic career shift overnight and that I am making filthy money at a bargained price. On the contrary, I am still an accountant by profession and perhaps would still be my lifelong craft. I am fulfilled with how I am being compensated by my generous institution. But, folks, I just feel that I’m pretty marketable knowing in mind that I am almost brand new today. From head to toe – I have new possessions just recently acquired. I have new sets of belongings that made me extra confident today. Overall, I am preppy looking with my Italian linen polo barong, 100% cotton fabric undershirt, semi-pointed black pair of shoes, and my silky pair of socks.

I don’t mean to proud out of P4,500.00 worth of new accessories suited on me. I surmise that the aggregate cost of yours could have surpassed mine even thrice or more. I hope that you won’t raise your eyebrows with my seemingly uncalled fuss. I’d just like to showcase a corporate decorum and project a good looking attitude at a reasonable price. I am not very brand conscious individual, but I go after prim stance without sacrificing my finances either. I am quite thrifty when it comes to spending by the way.

At any rate, I robbed a little time to make this post though it sounds superficial at all. I have set aside my pending work to paid tribute for the abundance of blessing from God firsthand. He is responsible for the things I am enjoying right now. More, i would just like to complement myself also and to capture the frenzied moment in me. No other agenda or whatsoever. =)


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