Gone in the Wind

I am 2.1K less richer, according to my self-imposed measure, because of unforeseen event that happened last Friday afternoon. I was practically oblivious that I already don’t have my 10-year old possession. It was also a delayed awareness in me that that my wallet could no longer be found only at around 7 pm after I finished playing badminton. I checked my knapsack, inspected the locker where I lodged my things, and returned to my office drawer but efforts seemed futile. I jogged my memory to refresh the day’s activities but I ended up frustrated. My night was practically ruined and I began to entertain multitude of possibilities, including not going to Batangas the same night for a weekend escapade. I was pretty disgruntled about the hassles incumbent about the cryptic disappearance of my wallet. I was even more saddened that I placed a little amount of skepticism towards my officemate.

Over a decade, my wallet was truly a loyal partner that never deserted me through my thick and thin days. It served as the deaf witness of how much I struggled in life for the last years. It had a complete memory of my lavish and impulsive expenditures during abundance. It had a proper accounting of the people I extended assistance. More, it had a precise number of Xs’ photos that I had framed in it. My possession was part of my history but much of my desire to prolong our togetherness; the burglar took advantage of my absence probably around 430 in the same day. The culprit ended almost a decade of amity to advance his/her personal interest.

I was contemplating until this time that history tries to repeat itself since the MC Jim wallet was acquired back in 2nd year college for the reason that somebody pick-pocketed my first gifted money keeper. The incidents slipped in my consciousness and both wallet were loaded with some purchasing power. I guess that I might have a benevolent blood in me for the two-count of generosity and the culprits were good enough with their lucky pick anyway. LOL!!

I’ve done some precautionary actions to protect my interest likewise. After few minutes of fretting moments, I immediately placed a call to the providers of my two credit cards to take appropriate measures for possible attempts of fictitious transactions. I figured that were five various identifications such licenses, ATM/Credit cards, School ID, and other magnetic items inserted at my wallet. I still have high hopes that could be returned to me this day, Monday.

But amidst the trouble times, I’ve experienced that God’s grace is truly present even in the downsides of life. Oliver, an officemate, got himself in the same jeepney where I was boarded. I told my story and asked that if he could lend me P1,000.00 to defray my weekend expenses. He nodded unhesitantly and granted my favor. God didn’t not end up manifesting His majesty and even extended through other people in my condomate. I relayed to them the adversity and I wasn’t expecting that God would also move through previous planting of goodness. Albert handed me his partial payment of P1,000 for the lease deposit I personally advanced last year. I was truly blessed after contemplating the sovereign power of God.


Piping Saksi said...

i think the appropriate title of this post is "Ang Pagkawala ng Piping Saksi". LOL

gud morning kuya noli!

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