Intensive Care Unit - Laptop

I have a huge stressing problem as of this writing. It started Sunday morning but I was pretty confident then, until I caught myself helpless already this day. I could no longer contain the irritation within me coupled with the disturbance of unattended deliverables. I was more shaken on the figure involved on it. It could lead me indebted for more or less 60K if the result favored me not. I just fervently pray that results would secure my intensified fear.

Anyway, the company issued laptop in my name completely bugged down. How shocking, isn't it? During the last two days, my computer glitches unpredictably but went working during office hours. I tried to bring it home for two nights but it went practically futile to run the DVDs at home. I was hoping that it would observe the same routine this morning but I was wrong. Another single attempt to power it on placed much burden on me.

Since it was issued to me mid of last year, I’ve lost count how many times my computer gone treated for minor malfunctions including virus attacks. To my stupidity, I also accidentally toppled a cup of soup over it during the last quarter of last year which freaked me out terribly. I surfaced a composed reaction but I was trembling inside. That time, I ran immediately to the IT help desk to seek their expertise.

But around 9 this morning, I once again sought the assistance of our techie people in the Information and Technology Department to raise my concern. Per their initial assessment, I was informed that the operating system might have been corrupted and simple reformatting would suffice. Late this afternoon however, I had it tested using spare parts secured from my officemate’s laptop. The problem was more bothering to know. From mere reformatting, the caused might have been triggered from the faulty motherboard. The one who inspected my stuff even got noticed of the soup traces I’ve mentioned. OMG!!!

I just hope that things would just work favorably in me. I look forward that it would be returned without any material cost in me. I don’t want to be financially broken out of it. I’ll be crossing my fingers hardly until tomorrow. May I also seek your collective prayer in this. Thanx in advance. God speed!!


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