BSP Mini-Olympics

This coming Saturday, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas will hold its mini-olympic at Rizal Stadium from 12:00 noon to 5:oo in the afternoon. It would be a day of excitement and fun for the five competing sectors of the Bank. The real althletes and frustrated ones would be showing their innate competencies not only in numbers and policy making but also in the hard core. The bigwigs of the monetary authority of the Philippines would be seen cheering for their own respective groups likewise.

Personally, I already had my first participation last year and it was surprising on my part that BSP employees value sports and recreational activities that high. There was a camaraderie and sportsmanship althrough out the game proper. Long before the actual competion, each team has been preparing for this half-day affair. Each sector hired experienced and titled coaches with almost daily limbering either at 5-storey roofdeck or at the venue proper. Team captains monitored the attendance and stringent training process was also undertaken to condition the body.

My sector, Monetary Stability Sector, has been preparing since January in the hope to pocket the overall championship. Last year was a pretty good bid for us since we clinched the third slot from being the underdog for a quite number of years. This coming Saturday, my sector would showcase a superb performance of all time. We are determined to win and conquer the overall championship.
Guests are welcome so join us if you are free!!! Come and witness my exceptional stint!!!


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