Blessings Upon Blessings

I have two things to be grateful today!!! First my wooden ski team brought home the gold medal during the BSP sports fest last Saturday and my laptop is already operational after it bugged down last week.

Cheers to the powerteam of 2008 wooden ski!!! Starting from the left and with all smiles, Sir Gerry and Noel of DLC, Mau of DER, me, and Alvin of DES. I'm pretty sure that the jovial mood are still in the air, right?

Guy, though we are already tanned in color, the gold medal elucidated us even just for a couple of minutes during the awarding ceremony. LOL!!! It was really an incredulous execution and performance for all of us. The hardships, the early morning ordeal under the heat of the sun, and the blisters in our feet are worthy to be remembered anyway. Until next year cup...


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