May 2008 CPA Exam

A couple of hours from now, the agony of waiting for those who sat for the May 2008 Certified Public Accountant’s (CPA) examination would be ended. It would be the culmination for the nearly six-month of hardships and enormous sacrifices dealing with the calculator, review materials, and books most often. No more burning the midnight candles for some but majority would nurse the heartbreaking feed of not making it. The moment of truth would pave way for merrymakings and celebrations but would also bring traumatic stress for almost two-thirds of the examinees.

For a matter of one day or more, the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC), a government arm commissioned to administer licensing exams, would again transform thousand of lives across the country. Truly, many have been called but only few would be chosen to survive in the almost 4-day of rigorous ordeal. Only the fittest would have the opportunity to obtain the elite identification of becoming a CPA. Only few would yell cheers in the vicinity of Morayta in Manila and many would shed tears also. At the end of the day, it would result for two façades of life – either victory or temporary defeat for each one.

My story wasn’t that ancient this time and I could still rely on my processor on the details of how I acquired the title. I was a fresh grad from the promdi when I decided to undergo the strenuous review at Manila. To cut the story short, I took the CPA examination twice during October 2001 and May 2002 and without further stressing the obvious, I didn’t make it during my first attempt to bid for the title. I could still enumerate the throbbing events reckoned from the moment I heard that the result of October 2001 was already released. I was so broken when the news reached me first. But I had a resolute will to become CPA. I figured that the 3-letter word affixed on my name would be the zenith of having an Accounting degree. There was emptiness in me that I didn’t have it – thus I pursued for the second time. I felt intimidated.

Through God’s grace however, He gave me the lifetime achievement of having the elusive title during my second bid. He allowed me to prosper from the downfall with much recognition on my part. I experienced the incomparable bliss of hurdling the most arduous mental exercise of my life.

I am pretty certain that my story has a closer resemblance to anybody of you. Once defeated but took the challenge to flourish. I hope that this would inspire hundreds of individual who had the same fate like me. I hope that they would remember that “There is always a victory in defeat.”

Congrulations to the passers and happy job hunting!!!


nick said...


Thanks for dropping by my blog.

I’ll be taking the exam this October 2008. The review? haha I’ll almost forgot about that hehe just kidding! :) I know we’ll meet someday, with the same CPA umbrella, the world isn’t that huge for both of us.. And yeah, we can play badminton. Looking forward to that.


Anonymous said...

howdy, yeah you said it right. in fact you are so right its like i am the one telling my story. the only difference is that i did not took my first try the hard way still the same hurt i got. i did not finished studying any review material but i wanted to pass hehe ironic of i'll fail. we both know that cause luck is when preparations meet oppurtunities.
dnz cpa october 2003

yeng said...

hi denniz, i hope i got ur name right... i think i was fallen short of effort also during my first review.. although i was confident... i was less than 1 point to pass.. double hurt really... =( but i am already composed... thanx God...

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