Passing-by thru my Poster

Who wants to stake their career that I was once a model of a state-owned universal bank? =) Peeps, this is a good bet before the most awaited Pacquiao-Marquez bout on the 16th.

Going, going, gone...

Newey, I had some errand upstairs when I decided to drop at LandBank to fund a crossed check maturing this Monday. My first day of work is ordinarily hectic, so I did it today, instead. I took the connecting bridgeway going there and the alternate route afterwards.

Oblivious of what awaited me back to my work station, I caught myself staring to a familiar face as I passed by the other side of the building. Only then I realize that it was the captivating and charming picture of me. Yes, ME as in Mama and Echoe. The same one person who administers this blog account. =)

If I remeber the poster exactly, I stood at the leftmost portion among the three of us where I was holding a blueprint of a building project. Obviously, I was assigned to portray an employed engineer in the the Middle East, while the two were packaged as nurse and as a professional freelancer in the US of A. Cool right? Convincing enough that a friend of mine informed me that I was more of a volunteer firefighter because of my yellow hard hat. =) She was so mean, honestly, but I've forgiven her.

I already don't have a souveneir copy of my own. My so proud mother raffled, as in, to our relatives who visited during the Charistmas day of 2005. Well, that was not part of consolation gifts but the one of the major awards.. Just kidding.

Some colleagues here, already recognized the poster without anybody informing them. They were just hesitant at first, but after my confirmation, they quipped that I look better before. At least, i was once good looking. Once is enough, two is too much.. =) I surmise that as long the remittance program is still up, my first modelling endeavor will be seen internationally.

By the way, to see is to belive right? I had the chance to withdraw at Land Bank near in Greenbelt 1 and our poster was still fixed there. I hope nobody gets interested to take it away for "Thou shall not steal". =)


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