A Needle in a Haystack

I might only making things out of its proportion but that was the single thought that flashed to my mind when I was bombarded by unorganized boxes as I entered our security vault only to look for a file back in year 1990. I exclaimed, Ows com'on!!!

For a while, I composed some stragegy to beat this dirty challenge. Some clever tactics how to go about the maze. I just hope this could prepare me to the Amazing Race Asia Season 3.. =) Where is your mind Rovilson? You denied Marc the USD grand.. grrrrr...You sound bitter, til this time yeng...Am I? Forget it.

Nwey, I started moving quite weighty boxes left and right. I ignored the stinky smell of decomposing and dusty papers that was aggravated by the not so well ventilated room. For nearly half an hour, I stayed inside the vault and I caught myself in deep sweat, but to no avail. Lots of stumbling blocks, probably. I even got bruise to my right first as I result of my negligence, or I should say foolishness. =(

No document with me in the end, but I have the experience to complete me as a banker. {Banker, how much if your offer? =) The show was already defunct, right?} How? By successfully opening the vault after 8 lousy attempts. I never figured that hard, til I myself did it. A wrong single turn, counterclockwise or either, makes the effort futile. What complicated it more was the various series of combinations. Thanks to my reliable spectacles. =)

It was fulfilling, though sounds petty? =)


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