Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Everybody, in his/her lucid mind, desires to be a circle member of millionaire club. But same ridiculous and preposterous question was raised to us last night when Christian, Maricor and I graced an invitation from another classmate at UP to listen to a Pharmanex orientation around past 7pm at Trafalgar Plaza along H. V. dela Costa in Makati.

It wasn't suprising for me to see huge number of millionaire wannabes like me. The conference con sales room was at first half full, until few minutes then, I noticed that that it was already overflowing with male and female versions of Bill Gates. The place was completely jampacked with standing room for those who came late.

While Maroon 5 started to rock the house at Araneta at the same hour, we were all ears and stunned by the two eloquent speakers. I actually lost count to the number of yeas and nays when the presentors sought approval and denial from their thrown questions. I just hope no issue bribery therein. =)

To cut the story short, I went home a couple of minutes before the presentation ended for a reason that my tooth was breaking me insane. More, i wasn't persuaded enough that I could sell wellness and magical products all by myself plus the fact that I am not vain. I still prefer the natural way of pampering myself with no presence of chemicals and medicinal formulas taken into my body system.

Who knows i might not only be a millionare, but trillionaire through the grace of the Almighty God. Amen. =)

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