Ooop... Don't Do It Again

I am not a brawler myself, but my title's blog could have been the remark I could have told to the attending dentist had he attempted to be negligent for the second time around early this morning. Peeps, I am still nursing an unbearable toothache because of his imcompetence, or to sugarcoat a little, because of his oversight. Perhaps, the terminologies are already less of my concern for he gave me a hilarious nightmare. The backbreaking pain just did'nt allow me to feel the comfort of my bed last night.

Early January of this year, I visited our company's dental clinic to check on the status of my molars. I was advised during my pre-employment medical examination that some of my dentures need immediate treatment already. And so I did only exactly after a year had lapsed.

Aside from the usual pain, I didn't notice something peculiar from the prophylaxis procedure and the application of "pasta" to the unhealhty molars. I wasn't also mindful of the notorious image of the same dentist that he is uncapable to undertake even the minor dental stint. My officemates gave me pieces of advice and unsolicited testimonies regarding their sour experiences. Hardheaded as I am, I gave the same stout dentist the benefit of the doubt. Am i too diplomatic to him? I surmise.

And so, here I am suffering from the same fate like any other employees who were not spared from his unfriendly and cruel hands. It really pays to listen and be cynical sometimes, especailly when substantiated by concrete evidences. It will pretty save us from the pit of danger to those person's selfmotivated interest.

So listen to your elderly, fella. =)


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