Shout For A Cause

Politics is least to my priorities in life probably because i don't have the basic units in the field of graft and corruption and red tape. And perhaps, many have lost lives in such endeavor. More, it is a game of those with gift of gab and i don't have it. While i can speak a little, I could be immediately caught once I start to lie. Generally, it is the nastiest profession as far as Philippines is concern. With the bureaucracy and all, i could not join the band.

But judge me not, since I attended the interfaith rally at Ayala avenue last friday, 29 February, in view of public clamor in search for the truth behind the dubious broadbank deal with the Chinese government. It was actually a self initiative decision to be counted in the crowd along with people belonging to all walks in life.

From a distance, I saw the whistleblowers Joey de Venecia and June Lozada, who appeared separately, for a quick seconds. They waved before the mob as if winners in the recent OSCARS. just kidding. I dont know if they delivered speeches for I only stayed for half an hour before I headed to glorietta. I stood few meters away from the platform where the VIPs and other personalites were standing and too busy in their individual crafts that moment.

It was a different experience, peeps. I was actually moved by the people who longs for real government reforms. I felt their desire for social obligation in the midst of moral bankruptcy. I sensed their synergy and unity when at stake is the future of this young generation. It was a collective political will from the neglected voice of the society.

This date, I still have fresh memory of what transpired during that rally. We might have failed to overthrow this questionable presidency GMA, but I claim the victory in our own hands coz it wasn't a pathetic move but more of a courageous step for truth.


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