Nap Deprivation

Yes, peeps!! You have read it correctly. I am always denied of the best thing in life right here at my workplace from Mondays to Fridays. I could not exerice that priviledge from 12:20 in the afternoon to 1:00 pm for the reason that i am planked at my left and back of chess fanatics who have sets of cheerers, luckily unpaid, for both players. U've read it correctly for the second time fella. They have sets of allies loudly and noisily cheering for their bets causing me to stay wide awake instead.

I feel unfortunate coz while majority of my co-employees is a already in their twilight dreams, I am clearly hearing their boos and yeheys if the players' individual chess clock ran out of time or if the opponent has no strong move already. It put me in complete disgust, candidly speaking. It maybe really ill-mannered for them to act that way, but i have no choice at all. They are really insensitive to the needs of other person. Totally apathetic to their environment and too selfish in some ways.

I dont know if they have plan to beat Garry Kasparov or Vladimir Kramnik, but their behaviors and attitudes are unbearable for me. They seem to play without game ethics at all. Some colleagues probably have the same sentiments in life but who are we to correct them. They are much senior to us in age and in position. Unless they've retired from work or availed early separation from the bank, which i'll be praying they would, i'll be enduring their coarse and improper way playing the game of the bright. =)

Sigh, trully only in my workplace... =)


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