USD0.06, What could i get from it?

it's 12 minutes past the hour of 10 and my spirit became high for earning USD0.06 out of my newly created blog account. it might be negligible in everyone's sweet little eyes but it brought me an incomparable bliss. so ecstatic, though i may sound exagerated and very shallow person.

i was actually deadly busy before i got the chance in blogging this, so occupied that i could not even afford to send a reply message to my special friend. but since my excitement ran rushly to my fingertips, i gave this priority than her. just kidding. =)

USD0.06 is just but equivalent to P2.40 in Philippine currency and i could not even have "sakto" coca-cola softdrink worth P6.00 out of it. it didn't even reach the minimum jeepney fare of P7.50 in order for me to get into my class this afternoon. more, it could not pay my minute of work. lol!!

but the monetary return was not the idea of my happiness, it was possibly the value of getting support from my online frieds. i just proved that we are still connected even if we're separated by priorities and life differences. i was again reminded that the truest essense of being happy is not just all about having money or acquiring material possessions, it is all about appreciating things and persons around you whatever value they might have in you. =)

a blessed day to all peeps. =)


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