My year ender

Although, this could be a little late as a year ender blog, I still wanted to share what ran through my mind few days before the 2007 bid goodbye...Enjoy peeps... =)

Being idle sometimes gives me a creeping nerve. Probably because I was into it for almost two weeks already and to my expectation, for the coming days before I’ll have my long vacation break due to holiday season. Nowadays, business transactions are rare to nil at all. Who cares? I am paid well anyway. Instead of surfing the net to keep myself busy all day long, I came up with the idea to refresh my memory by recounting what 2007 has brought me overall.

But for all you know, I don’t trust myself in terms of commemorating events and experiences. It is not my forte to have a flashback since then. A friend of mine, in one of our get a way gimicks, told me that I berated him back in our college days. Much of my desire to really recall it, my processor could not retrieve that Microsoft file. That’s how terrible I am, to the least.

With this challenge, I’ll try to loosen up the nuts and bolts of my head to the best of my ability.

2007 has offered a mixtures of surprises to my so called life...most of them captured an indelible mark to my mind that even the passage of time could not be an element for it to has also furnished something unworthy to reminisce likewise, probably a balancing figure to the good ones... yet, both occupied a special space in between my ears that would be eventually foretold to the my future generations..

New friends, acquaintances, and special someone were added to my list. lots of blessings came along, struggles lefts and rights passed by, my spirituality has been challenged, my sanity left me for few days, and lots of more genres that i could no longer enumerate... but above all, i could not afford to forget that a new love interest caught my attention in the mid part of this year... do i interest you more on the latter? it is also my dearest part, though...

how can somebody get amnesiacs, if the wide array of first transpired during the year first day of work at my present employer happened in early part of the year, my first to lost appetite and survived a day by eating only one table spoon of rice, my first day to be a student, this time at graduate school, my first speaking engagement for the Lord at our local church, my first dance showcase at my workplace, my first time to have a savings account, my first to beat the lowest weight record of 63 kilograms, my first time to court to a woman having the same life belief about who God is (whew!!!), to name few....

Somehow, I turned sentimental... I am already wired to music most often trying look for the appropriate rhythm that would complement my heart…I learned to love watching dvds… I was hooked more to play badminton and became conscious about my diminishing body weight….i could already stand staying late at night…my patience has been stretched… I am more optimistic about the future…I became more generous….All for good cause at least…
as i bid goodbye to this year, i desire to have an evaluated experiences of what life has offered me...while we often declare that experience is the best teacher, i believe that only those evaluated ones could we extract learning...i can't fully profess that my year was more of a fruitful one, more or carrots, more of precious gems, but it was also savored with torns, sticks, and dry seasons...i am convicted that both spices completed the ingredients of what i am now, and the absence of one would placed the menu insipid..

my year 2007, has the best life could offer...i could not imagine that i went all through the ups and downs of the year passed...i had the best year of my life… I got its nutshell, its reason and its gist…

as i am writing apart of this, my officemate seated to my front is having a heated discussion resolving about their bombay style of payment of merchandise to her collecter.. again my first at the workplace!!! sigh... =)

21 December 2007


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