My First

I have this complete mixed emotions while writing this for a reason that I am still clueless. Maybe because, I'll be doing this blogging for the first time over the virtual network. I have the dilemma of being critiqued, mocked, and ridiculed at the same time. I don't know what would be the public approval over this undertaking. No PhilRating, Moodys, and Fitch please. =)

I just hope that people would not give this blog equal attention to the controversial ZTE broadband deal hovering the little government of GMA. Fella, I have different stories to expose. No kickback and greed issues but more of life realities everybody could relate. =)

Allow me also to acknowledge my friend, Bren, for his technical expertise why this "my corner" reached your sweet little eyes. He is a business graduate, yet already learned the language of world wide web by being a mouse potato most often. Let me ad his website also,

Until my next... =)


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