Deep Breath, please...

I was deadly busy before this post reached anybody of you. My whole day was practically spent dealing with my laptop and all it's attached accessories. I am still thinking if I deprived myself with smiles and if I relaxed my forehead during the nearly seven straight hours working for my school related stuff.

Yes, I've finished my thing but at the back of my mind, I know my two groupmates at BM 222 would be more blissful more than I do. They burdened me too much with their sheer indifference. I was expecting that they could provide me their contributations anytime yesterday, but I only got them this morning.

They offered me their apologies but who am I not to forgive? I want to save myself from further load, anyway it's our last day later in this semestral class.

Sigh!!! People... I'm still toxic.... =(


Anonymous said...

It doesn't hurt to assert responsibility and discipline. (So why dont you?)It's how you'll do/say it. Emoticons could be freaky when overused. Dont you trust the written words to say it all? This is your blog anyway. Carry on.. :)

yeng said...

suggestions noted...probably, that was the exact feeling i had when i published it, right? more, i could post some insights regarding responsible blogging one of this days.

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