Novice Blogger

Honestly, I don't have any concrete topic in mind to blog until I came across with the word "novice" few minutes ago over the net. With my online powerword only a click away, I consulted thesaurus what "novice" is all about and even before I blinked my eyes, the screen reflected 24 various definitions but all leading to one ideal, "amateur", "beginner" and "neophyte".

Undeniably, I myself is a "novice blogger". I'm pretty sure that I didn't give you a false impression about my new career shift. I was true enough in my previous posts entitled "My First" and also partly touched in the article "Selective Listening" about this freshman undertaking. I am still cognizant about the veracity of my oath with regards to it.

Being an amateur has never been easy in every chosen field, be it in arts, business, politics, and etc. I have gone through the odds and downs of being a beginner. It requires a good amount of sacrifices, innate values, and learned principles in life to set mediocrity in its pit. High level of determination is incumbent, but of course it calls a blessing from High Above.

Taking the first single bold step is the most fearful of all. It is perhaps where the mind entertains hesitations, vulnerabilities, and skepticisms. I don't know if blogging belongs to such measures but as long i find this activity enriching, I will blog freely and responsibly.

By the way, let me share you some freaky lines in case i push through my first ever rowing career at the stinky Manila Bay this Saturday.

Script 1:

Stranger 1: Hi, how long have you been rowing?
yeng: I am just a novice rower, how about you? tskt tsk tsk

Script 2

Stranger 2: Hi, are you a rookie in paddling?
yeng: (with grim smile) Yes, i am just a novice paddler.

Sounds interesting to blog afterwards, what do you think? Insane!!!


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