You're Under Arrest

I was late for seven minutes this morning basically because for three frivolous reasons. First, I woke up past 7, second, i went back to my pad after I realized that i don't have my laptop with me, and the unforgivable of all, i underwent a brief interrogation from the company guards shortly upon they recognized that i wasn't in proper office attire.

Hoping i could still beat the 8:00 o'clock time in,I was already walking in double pace right from the moment I stepped out from the jeepney, which was also heading just across Bangko Sentral. I was actually pretty cool in mood and rejuvinated for the extra 30 minutes of sleep I got. I then, searched for my ID and had it presented to the guards situated in the entrance gate of the complex as a protocol.

The building proper is just few walks away from the entrance gate where I regularly secure passage to the electronic scanner. But, even before i got out from the machine, the lobby security personnel called my attention. I thought, he just failed to notice my ID with me so I made it visible to him.

Late did i know that he was after my attire. He enquired my business for i was only in short, dri-fit shirt, and rubber shoes. I courteously explained that we are presently having a collective limbering in preparation for the sportsfest this coming April.

We exchanged reasonings until i lost some etiquette and offered him a walk-out. The other assisting guard ran after me and endorsed me to their immediate boss. Another set of probing questions and the superior even briefed me of the company policies with regards to office decorums before I was released finally.

Peeps, I don't have anything against security guards and their band of league. It is not of me to bypass my authorities be it within the boundary of my workplace or not. I actually recognize their stellar role in ensuring the welfare of each individuals within their jurisdiction. I stand to the fact thay they are lambasted and belittled oftentimes giving me a big heart their noble profession.

I exerted some effort to vindicate me from the humiliation i experienced. I sought the assitance of my coordinator to meddle in the issue, if there is at all. I was informed that there was already a notice sent to the security group allowing us to be in sporty attire during the entire schedules.

I don't know if I just wanted to save my ego from the humiliation i got from my co-uniform. Until now, I am still contemplating if the fuss i've invested was commensurate to the benefit I got. Life...


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