My Big Love

Folks, I don’t give this movie an accolade unlike any other Filipino movies in the past having the same genre. I just think that the satisfaction I got wasn’t commensurate to my hard earned money. The lessons were present but it was probably the collective conviction from the casts that was lacking. At any rate, you can still give My Big Love, a chance to be your small love also.

The theme of the movie played by the horizontally challenged Macky (Sam Milby), the affluent Niña (Christine Hermosa), and the bighearted Aira (Toni Gonzaga) highlighted some reflections upon dealing with the LOVE as far as my appreciation is concerned. Basically, it stressed the idea of loving beyond imperfection, the concept of sacrificial love, and the encouragement to be honest in our emotions.

Admittedly, we have all flaws in life but the notion of loving beyond imperfection blinded most of us in that paradigm. We tend to detached ourselves from that universal law which led us oftentimes to malady. It was once shared by a friend this elementary logic, “Nobody is perfect, so why aim perfection?”. I don’t know if that was an adaptation but it was very logical to think, right? We keep on searching for the perfect partner in life, yet we ourselves aren’t qualified for the measure we impose. Big LOVE requires us to love beyond what our eyes can see. It imparts us to look unto the hearts and not upon the deceiving attractiveness and material possession of another person.

In the context of sacrificial loving, the director failed to give justice on it probably because my best epitome is Jesus Himself. It was portrayed simply like giving a penny to a beggar or a lollipop to a weeping toddler. Movie goers, like anybody of us, expect a good twist and convincing turns of each scenario. Directors should recognize that it is not enough to showcase an ideal without the power to act upon it. There were quite a number of incidents in the movie I found trivial and can be directed to enhance the framework of sacrificial love.

Lastly, the ethical principle about “Honesty if the best policy” is also the topic of the movie. It imparts honesty in the context of being true to our feelings and it encourages us to be truthful to our emotions towards other people. Love is oftentimes equated to risk, coz it entails a good amount of audacity to inform other person how much we adore them. It reminds us that the more we repress what is inside of us, the more it becomes an agony on the part of us, and remorse at the end of the day.

I figured, the movie deserved only half of my payment. =)


Anonymous said...

now. i do read ur blog outside the office...para ibang IP add ang lalabas..hehehehe.... mukhang malas ka sa mga pnapanood mong movies lately..nakatulog ka sa meet the spartans..hehehehehhe..

Anonymous said...

A profound review. Most intriguing on the last part. There are people who express love the way they know how. What if repression is an act of the sacrificial love? Audacity may not be a choice when risk is measurable hence not worth taking for some valid reason. Sure, it may be remorseful or agonizing, but doesn’t it also reflect Selflessness? A more valuable note of Sacrifice?
It was good that you were giving Filipino movies a considerable amount of your attention. But next time, wait after a year to see it on your TV and at the comfort of your couch. Oh well, let's go back to risk-taking...

yeng said...

I may partly agree to some of the points you've raised, but i speak about courage in the context of risk that is worth taking for. We normally express love but let's also entertain the idea that we will experience odds in it. I still don't believe that repression somehow is an act of selflessness, a more noble way of sacrificial love. I am more convicted that it's a self denial of truest essence of happiness. =)

Anonymous said...

Interesting.. Repression as self denial of happiness? You maybe right.. But then again, there would always be another side of it which I suspect requires elaboration and details to fully get the point across and which I intend to avoid. Weird huh? hehe. Allow me to react still ok? I just value privacy that well.

yeng said...

Well, nothing is certain in this earth anyway. Nobody lives in a static environment. More, avoidance is just also a subtle act of cowardice. There is no dilemma in love, and even the bible stated that "There is no fear in love". What else to bank on?

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