I came one of the taf ten....What did you say?

The recently crowned 2008 Bb. Pilipinas World, Ms. Janina San Miguel, is certainly the butt of all jokes after her humorous performance on the Q&A portion Saturday evening. The 17-year old BroadCom student from UE definetely set an unforgettable moment not only to herself but to the expectators as well.

Although I was aware about the big night, it didn't give me a second thought to watch the culminating event for I was still recuperating from the abnormal body temperature again triggered by my toothache. My post-interest on the prestigious competition came to me only yesterday afternoon when a friend was so moved watching a file through YouTube. I promised myself to see it also.

Early this morning I search some related uploads in the net and the results suprised me very much. I became pickle-minded in looking for the best coverage but the link below provided me tons of air in my stomach over the other. I, then, invite you for a single click and you'll be able to catch the latest source of laugters in the land.

Folks, I still believe in woman empowerment and don't want to be mean with this action. I
Just want to share the free entertainment I experienced, unfortuantely, at the expense of the female. =(

At any rate, the pretty lady could still save herself from the hovering humiliation and embarrassment in the town, if she will bring the very first title of Miss World for this country. Let me chant for her first... Go taf ten go taf ten go, go taf ten go taf ten go... Did i make sense? =)
PS: She sounded like the alterego of Melanie Marquez, right?=)


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