Sappy Talk, Want to buy it?

Folks, let me deal you a lighter this time. A dense topic that is worthy to trash actually. I even don't encourage you to take your eyeballs farther this point. Hold...hold.. please.. =)

The sequel of Solis-Rama brouhaha came to my attention Saturday afternoon. To my knowledge, I was already two-week behind from the chikadoras in the town. I am not a big fan of either of the two, Ows?, but the enthusiasm for local stars spice up my life, and yours too, I guess.

The incident allegedly started when Ruffa was snubbed by the better half of the Senator elect Bong Revilla, Jr.when the two crossed their ways during the wake of Ethel Ramos' mother. By the way, Ethel Ramos is the manager of Aga Muhlach. Ruffa also added that her pouty lips were left in the air when she offered a beso to Lani and Lani in return offered her back.

It was initially a combat between beauty queen Ruffa and the martyr wife from Cavite, Lani Mercado, but were later on joined by other personalities, the undaunted Lolit Solis and Ruffa's mom, Annabelle Rama. Naturally, heated words were thrown to each other's bailiwick to the extent of sacrificing the 30 years friendship between the latter. I could actually go into details, but I don't want to spoil your lovely day. =)

Surely, excessive public attention has been drawn from this celebrated showbiz scoop. I bet the advocacies of Senator Revilla are already overshadowed by the hot talk of the town. Media coverages, supposedly intended to the matters involving the ongoing senate inquiry, widespread piracy, national security and the like, are more inclined to know on the Senator's participation to the reconcile present and past ladies of his life. I don't know if press people would give equal amount of exposure, in print and in broacast, to the helpless commuters affected by transport strike over the metropolis this morning. =(

Sounds salty, right?... =)


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