Selective Listening

I had the opportunity to read the book entitled “Being Happy” by Andrew Matthews a couple of years ago, courtesy of a friend during the review days for CPA exam in 2002. Basically, the reading is all about the principles and rules of staying happy given the different facades of life. Within a given a scenario, the author has some relevant nutshells to ponder before the readers.

It wasn’t surprising for me then, if one of my roommates was glued reading the book when I reached our condo the night of Sunday. He might have borrowed it likewise, since the outer appearance speaks so. I also noticed from afar that he was almost over it. I just then surmised that his spared time over the weekends was completely devoted on reading.

When I woke up yesterday morning, I found the CR occupied and the idea to glance quickly over the book while waiting for my turn popped to my mind. Without any plan where I was to lead, I was brought to the page in which the gist of selective listing as an avenue for being happy was discussed. Since the presentation of the book was pretty elementary, I was invited to go through the related topic for few minutes.

It was a blessing in disguise on my part that I have embraced myself on the right attitude and perspective early morning of yesterday before I was confronted by the same life case application when I had dinner with my mentor over this blog account.

This day, this My Corner is only seven days old but it wasn’t spared from the robbers of happiness. They are the individuals who regard themselves as self-righteous and noble at all times. They are the breed who levels themselves above standards and infallible of everything. Folks, they are the persons who are long been known to you and who tries to project a completely different persona face to face.

As I have learned, staying happy is not elusive thing to have. It is within reach for everybody but it only varies on the how we appreciate and deal with the life’s genres practically rightful. If we allow somebody else to take away something we deserve, we make them profit at our own expense.

Let us not then permit the scene-stealers to rob us from the simple happiness we are privileged to have. Instead, we should direct them to consume the same amount of energy they have invested in pulling us back, least, experience the overflowing grace from we enjoy. =)

PS: Bato-bato sa langit, ang tamaan may bukol. God bless =)


Anonymous said...

It�s amusing how you attempt to identify your blogger viewers. Are they really what they appear? Let us not ruin that ideal since this is a happiness-inspired post. You were probably just grateful. But to use flattery to persuade? Let�s see..

yeng said...

i might be a 'lil slow coz i don't know where your comment is directed fully. But let me identify two arguments; first, there is no amount of pursuation allowed in this blog. I could have stated my perspective but it doesn't follow that my readers will be subjected to the same points of view, and second, God gave us freedom to act independently and rightfully. =) Please elucidate your comment so i could attend to it the 2nd time. =)

Anonymous said...

Did i sound harsh? I didn’t mean to. Sometimes there is no need to react. This is me. I express without wanting to complicate and only me could understand.. That explains the anonymity. Keep the faith.

yeng said...

Everybody is welcome anyway... it also pays to be recongized sometimes... =)

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