My day won’t be as complete unless I burn at least a single episode of Smallville at the convenience of my R60 Lenovo. This bizarre confession just started one dull afternoon at our pad when I have nothing more to do just to kill the march of the clock. Late did I know that I’m already captivated to the never ending quest of Clark Kent to elicit his humble beginning. There was even a time during the Holy Week when I felt so flimsy after going through 6 stories in just one sitting. That was almost quarter of a day of being couch potato with only water and pee breaks in between.

Honestly, I don’t have interest on comic book stories that were just merely a product of author’s wild imagination coupled with the artistic conceptualization of the each character. It could be rooted from my younger days since I was deprived from having neither the luxury of superhero readings nor the miniature counterpart available on commercial stalls. I was a complete opposite of my siblings for they were so stunned watching animated films aired in our outmoded and screwed operated television set.

So much of me again.

The altruistic blood running through the veins Clark Kent moved me so easily to run as many episodes as my time could permit. The idea that one mighty mortal would save us unexpectedly from the valley of death signals me that there is still a glimpse of light for the oppressed section of the society. I couldn’t also explain but I admire his cryptic disposition to handle his deep secrets as marvelous creature. More, it flashbacked on me what was imparted by the grandfather of Peter Parker about the importance of having great responsibilities over power.

I couldn’t not also discount that I shiver in a good way once the story dwells about the repressed emotions of Tom Welling (Clark Kent) over Kristin Kreuk (Lana Lang). I might be short of experience again about sacrificial loving but the convictions among characters were justified to make it palatable to my appetite. They are compelling enough to showcase a cloak of friendship just to advance other’s welfare above else. I like the wisdoms from the conversations of Lionel Luthor and his son, Lex that were embellished by hatreds, grudges and competitions. The twists and turns on each episode are thrilling, though at the end of the day, we’ll know that the good triumphs evil.

Though my latest addiction would require from me more of a sedentary work, I wouldn’t give a care to consume hundreds of electrical watts just to complete the remaining seasons piled at my closet. By the way, I’m down with the first season and almost halfway through with the next.


awtz said...

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addicted? i think you'are addicted to blogie.. hehe! keep writing, pop-out those ideals you have... press your words out, have fun!! :-)

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