Little Voice

I just took few steps away from the vicinity of my workplace past five yesterday when I noticed that my sun powered mobile phone was intermittently ringing. I didn’t pay equal attention to party concerned since raindrops started to fall heavily and my priority was to catch the departing jeepney parked just across Shopwise Harrison. At the back of my mind, I was thinking that same undaunted credit card agent would bother me for the nth time just to orient me about the privileges and freebies once I sign up to his offer. It was also less of my concern if the caller was neither a collegue nor an associate, since I don’t want to end up soaking wet in the middle of nowhere.

The moment I got myself secured inside the jam-packed struggling Sarao, I quickly checked my cellular and quite surprised to find out that the calls registered to my doting mother back home. I was little puzzled since we just had our conversation an hour before I checked out from the office. In a day, I could actually lost count as to the times we’ve burned lines just to have superficial tête-à-tête over family matters. With no alarming intuition, I deferred to give her a return call once I reached our pad.

After nearly thirty minutes of travel, I immediately phoned her sun number the moment I unlocked the door of our dwelling place. Unfortunately, I received a machine operated response that her’s was unattended. I hanged the line and scrolled my navigator to look for her globe number and it went successful. Though somebody picked my call, I couldn’t hear anybody for a second. I was trying to lift my voice a little higher to give insinuation that I'm already connected.

I was getting exasperated already when suddenly an incomprehensible sound penetrated over my earpiece. My mood completely changed for the angelic voice coming from the other end of the line. I saw myself with all smiles and felt energized instantly. Few words more, i knew that I was talking to my Xyrille.

Yes, Xyrille is my first niece courtesy of my youngest sibling. She is our little angel in the family. She serves as an inspiration to every one in the house. A very innocent child at the age of two, she thinks much advance at her age. She loves goodies yet oblivious that her dentures are already decaying. She is very affectionate and my personal errand girl also when I’m at home.

Behind all these facades of heaven, there are complexities in her life that her age doesn’t allow yet to fathom. That is why; I want to embrace myself to the time that she’ll be out of my presence. She is not our possession and sooner she’ll be with her mother seeking employment working abroad. Her parents are not in good terms and it saddens me to hear that one day, she’ll be gone to my sight.

This time, I just want to give her the best things out of the remaining days of her stay. I wanted to give her the utmost care and the uncompromised security she longs for once the rain started to drop and when the airplane passes by in area. I long to give her the memory of perfect childhood, no less no more.

I will terribly miss her by then. I'm clueless what is in her so little voice that makes my heart so big? Sigh.


Anonymous said...

How sweet..Can you be my uncle?Lol. Kids are really uplifting..Sometimes i wish they wont grow up and remain the charming little types that they are.

yeng said...

i'm exlusive to her only... she is selfish to my attention sometimes..i may not treat you equally and tnx

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