It was already quarter before two in the morning. All lights were off, the pad was dim, the luminous stars were visible through the windows, and my roommates were still engaged in deep slumber. The battery meter of my Motorala phone was about to be drained and no messages or calls registered. There were absence of noise from the vehicles passing-by downstairs and no manifestations of awaken souls in our neighboring condominium units. Yet, I have prematurely rekindled my consciousness during that wee hour of the morning.

I have done hundreds of toss and turns in the bed afterwards. I went to the rest room to urinate, drank a cupful of water next, and checked my spare cellular placed in the living room. I felt helpless and unaided. I began to be cynic again. I thought of not going to work until tomorrow. I entertained the idea to go home to our province by six am. I was praying for compassion above.

These stuffs crossed to my mind just because of the intensified pain rooted from my toothache. Yes, similar culprit that was subject of my previous posts. The robber of my peaceful sleeps this early dawn and the cause of my skepticism for dental practitioners.

But mind you, I don’t intend to make a compilation of articles regarding my denture. It’s so shallow and I don’t want to give the impression that I advocate much about oral hygiene. It just troubles me in many ways since then. Probably, this could caution you to be prudent enought in choosing your oral doctor. You might as well suffer from what I’m going through because of incompetence and negligence.

I already took some painkillers this morning after some piece of advice from the lady dentist in our workplace. She scheduled me for some treatment on the 18th but I couldn’t possibly wait for that time. I will already seek the helping hand of the dentist back in our town. No amount of aesthetic value could defer me from the my conviction to stop its fate.

Too hostile of me to end its legacy.


Anonymous said...

I knew how awful it was. Maybe you need a specialist to make it well. God bless!

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