Tainted Victory

I wasn’t expecting that the anticipated match between Pacquiao-Marquez would eventually create a dissenting stance among aficionados shortly upon the verdict of 12-round of vicious hard boxing. I’ve already blogged previously that the event missed my eyes and the feed over Pacman’s triumph only reached me through an SMS Sunday morning. There was even no manifestation that the concluded bout would stem blemish on the part of our boxing hero.

My personal knowledge about the doubtful crown started when I tuned the radio to AM frequency yesterday morning. Initially, I shunned over the slur publicities aired by the broadcaster but the clamor intensified when similar observations became the topic of my opinionated officemates. I couldn’t help to defend Manny for I don’t have any impression if his punches landed powerfully over his opponent.

I was even more caught off-guard when I checked the broadsheets of different publications after I went out of work. There were quite a number of pessimistic insinuations about the brutal match between the dethroned Juan Manuel Marquez and the now super featherweight champ Manny Pacquiao. I found the articles detrimental in nature and I considered the imprint were just a product of being an intuitive observer. I felt Manny was so vulnerable of attacks and defenseless after the completed business.

Among the hovering issues that elicited public attentions were; the split decisions handed by the three judges, two of whom were already veteran yet with varying judgment; the punch statistics resulted that Maquez scored high compared to Pacman; that the Mexican boxer dominated the rest of the rounds; and lastly, the issue about the late replacement of one of the boxing jurors. More, a keen observer even quoted that Pacman, himself was seen humbly surprised when he was declared victorious.

Folks, I am not against the merits of anybody’s remarks, be a sports analyst, boxing fanatics or just an ordinary observer as I am. I don’t even give a fuss if the match was half-baked or if series of eye blinking took place between bigwigs seated just around the corner. I care not even if Marquez defended his title over this country’s pride. It was also less of my concern who pocketed a great number of dollars afterwards.

At the end of the day, I seek transparency behind this politically motivated decision. I run after the people who seek comfort at the cause of innocent souls. I cry foul to the victims of this dirty game of profiteering.

I call for justice and impartiality…No less….No more.


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