Debt of Gratitude

Initially, I planned to make a second and final thread about my participation during the BSP – Information and Technology Department tournament Sunday night. I’ve previously posted my advance involvement on the event on the latter portion of my Badminton 101 topic a couple of days ago and I felt the urgency to close the subject matter through My Corner also.

On my way home around five in the afternoon, I was already reminiscing the excitements and contemplating the events that transpired during the day. I was unmindful - though my secondary motive only - how to pitch this blog to my new acquaintances just housed on the nearby building of this compound. I thought that my achievement as a 2nd placer - thanks Ron - under the Class B category, would be enough to perk my exhausted spirit. More, I had figured that the accolades – about blogging - I received yesterday from co-BSPers would be sufficient to decrypt the words playing in my mind. But in the midst of my travel back to my pad, the call of the flesh – no pun intended - slowly crippled my body. The pain drastically enveloped my torsos that practically led me to seek the comfort of my bed the moment I reached my place.

At any rate, I still paid time after our Monday morning ordeal downstair and had not considered procrastination the second time around.

Firstly, I dedicate this post to the hands and minds behind the badminton tournament held at SmartShot. The venue was a good pick and I've visited the place numerous times already. I would also like to extend my heartfelt gratitude for accommodating me in the line-up despite of the short notice given. Should I be giving the credit to JT? Thanx man. I fervently pray that this subtle act on my part would indemnify me to pay the debt of gratitude for the friendly ambience I experienced. I also wish that this little act of gratefulness penetrates the EDPC building and its end users to profess my genuine appreciation towards all of you. Big thanks again.

More than the clinching trophies in mind, I’ve witnessed the camaraderie amongst the young generation of the Department. The vigor in them surfaced during the game and the synergy towards facilitating the events revealed before me as an stranger. May you continue to advance the welfare of this institution in a fun yet enriching way. Then, you will reap the floodgates of heaven in God's perfect time through this initiatives.

Til the next year cup, folks? hehe.. By the way, congratulations to the winners... If im not mistaken, Robin got all the towering prizes, right? Not quite surprising... Maybe next time, we deserve a handicap of +10 or higher... Cheeseburger... Cheeseburger... Cheeseburger.. Chant with my guys!!! Come on..

Hi also to pia and belle!!! My apology to jean if i wrongly umpired your game with pia and belle. Maybe you could have defeated them in your close fight, right? hehe Thanks again to my other partner Jed.. I forgot the name of the girl seated to me at Tapa King during the lunch time, thank you also for favor u've said to my interest.



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