Brian Gorell's Battle

It was last month when the controversial Brian Gorell versus Delfin Justiniano Montano brouhaha reached me courtesy of a friend. I was only supplied with the gist of the story due to time constraint the night my friend and I met. Curious enough about the details, I immediately googled the related key words early morning of March 21 to read it by myself. I was even more surprised that hundreds of results flashed to my monitor for every input, i.e. brian, dj montano, etc. But finally, my patience led me to the direct link of the farm boy from the Ground Under after few attempts of striking my enter key.

The blog itself was a revelation and it didn’t puzzle me how the site registered more than two million visitors in a span of only less than two months. I myself was unguarded due to the words usage which were deliberately and harshly casted. The unidentified viewers are scattered around the globe and the number is increasing with an average page visit of sixty thousand at length of fifty-two minutes in a day. The figures were pretty enormous knowing the Brian is a novice blogger himself. The media, both local and international, already covered the much talked about blog, in which articles are also available on the Brian’s cyber page. Philippine press has placed equal attention on the real story both in print and broadcast media bringing the idea of blogging censorship before the legislative body. I have watched the graced interview of the Montano clan and have heard the phone patch talk by DJ Mo Twister through the internet. Both parties have different versions to tell.

Brian, a former florist, also earned unwavering public support and likewise criticism about the veracity of his assertions. Aside from the swindling issue amounting to AUD 70K by his ex-lover, Brian talks about the certain group named as “Gucci Gang” wherein members belong to the elite class of the Manila. The personalities include Tim Yap and Celine Lopez, public figures in the entertainment industry among others and also related by consanguinity to known business tycoons. Brian, also an HIV positive, divulged sensitive matters like high class prostitution, drug addiction, and how the scamming transpired to the extent that even to the immediate family of the DJ were involved. The socialite Embassy bar was even dragged as a haven for the undisclosed crimes by the pseudo elite class as Brian coined it.

Truly, much has been said about the online novella from the west and the image of the Filipinos has been tainted once again. From the DH worldview then, now a crafty swindler I suppose – a derogatory remark even. It is humiliating on my part as a Filipino that I gained publicity on a demeaning circumstance. While I give the benefit of the doubt to the defendants, I personally placed much reliance on the aggrieved party given the corroborating evidences he had disclosed online.

I am neither posting for the sake of joining the bandwagon nor increasing Brian’s advocacy. I write to save the negative impression hovering Filipinos, I believe that good hearted people still dominate this country and only a little portion are nefarious in mind. These people most often do not belong to the high class society but enjoys the serenity of unsophisticated lifestyle and unsought media attention. A standard of living where fame and glamour are not present but still have genuine heart for unconditional friendship towards foreigners, with or without the presence of wealth or material possession.

PS: If i interest you about this, you may visit the blogsite through this link.
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Anonymous said...

I strongly think its karma. We all know that gay relationship is a kind of immorality. It’s not even acceptable to countries that allow gay & lesbian marriages. Males are for Females and vice versa. One should expect KARMA in its worst form, if he/she knows that he/she has done wrong. KARMA just came right in front of him and he deserves what happened to him …Lessons are learned the hard way you know, maybe its time for him to realize that he’s done wrong and to search what he’s really meant for.

Anonymous said...

As a Christian I have no right to judge for both of them. That kind of person exists because of the environment they live in as well as those people who raised them….and I think homosexual is a kind of evil deception wherein both of them are the victim …Only God knows the truth and has the right to condemned. I encouraged those gay and lesbian people to repent, accept and have faith in Jesus or fully live your life to Him because He is the only One who can understand and change you within… I have heard a lot of testimonies who were touched by the Lord and delivered from this evil spirit.

Anonymous said...

I have nothing against morality and Christian belief but come on, we have our own sinful lives to be concern with. If we could not be empathetic towards an awful incident that we are not really familiar of,at least let's be careful of what we say..

yeng said...

the approval of your comments doesn't exactly mean that i also have the same opinion... i may be opinionated with my blog, but it always sounds generalistic in approach... no direct attack or whatsoever... let us just appreciate things the way they are and try to learn from them...

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