Thorn In The Flesh

God has a grandeur plan for all of us. This is incontestable statement and could not be subjected to any canny arguments. He pictures a fruitful life to everybody. He desires a royal indulgence for His creations. Jesus longs for richness and glory during the short stint of our stay in the surface of the Earth. He foresees our existence with adequate nourishment. He designs the bits and pieces of our mortal body with aesthetic value. He envisions abundance of basic necessities for every soul. A desirable life. One but perfect life.

But we also need to succumb the elementary fact that we are not infallible mankind. We are bound to commit mistakes that are fully revealed before the Lord. We create building blocks which keeps us away from Him. There is no hidden transgressions in Him for He has every details of our actions even before we commit it. That, we often fail Him and come short of His expectations and plans. Nobody is righteous.

This is primarily becuase of the thorns under our flesh. A chain in our humanity which triggers us to deviate from the bountiful path He has designed of us. That out of this semantic, we are reminded that each one of us has individual weaknesses and personal limitations. A dark side of us that hinders us to achieve the plans Jesus has prepared for us.

Jesus' wisdom is really beyond the depth of our knowledge. Life could really turned out to be frustrating an even more depressing. The dilemmans coupled with the never ending struggles led us to stumble sometimes. We tend to seek quick relief from the suffering of life. We resort to immediate rooms of vindication because of self-reliance.

But Jesus wanted us to appreciate things the way He has in mind. He prays that we seek His provision first and foremost. He has the complete answers in this journey of life. The strengthened faith supplicated with unwavering dependence in Him is the key to unlock the puzzling quest of eternity. He desires that we continue to strive in His likelihood that is embraced with His grace alone. That we value patience and persistence to the promises He has bestowed upon us.

At the end of day, He will then uproot the thorn in us, painlessly and blamessly. In which, we will indulge the eternal bliss with Him.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for a wonderful message. It really blesses me and uplifts my spirit. I hope those who blamelessly accused Christian will read this, for them to understand that even Christians has its own weaknesses… that the reason why we received Jesus Christ as our personal Savior because nobody can accomplish His Holiness… Continue to write about our God because it is one way of ministry. I believe He was glorified for this page of yours…Praise the Lord!

yeng said...

hi there, i am much blessed than yours.. i thank God that the spirit of encouragement reaches you.. my prayer always... lets strive to be the best in His eyes... God speed

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