Stronger Than Yesterday

I had my first big blow of life when my younger sibling flunked the nursing board taken last December 2007. It was last month when the successful examinees were released and I was one of the intruders who caused enormous traffic at the nursing site few seconds when the announcement was made public. The news was really saddening and devastating. I was still in work when a dear friend notified me shortly, thru SMS, that the result was already posted. I could still vividly recall how a sudden rush of emotions conquered me. It was so drastic that I failed to head over the heartbreaking stroke of fate. I was so unprepared to endure a poignant condition right at the corners of my workplace. I could not masquerade from the discomfort of pain for my sister. I even emailed my special friend to vent the sudden plate in me. I was really so broken.

In the midst of my trouble, I sought the Divine intervention. I prayed fervently that He will give me wisdom and enlightenment. That, He will lift my stumpy spirit and that He will give me His adamant comfort. That, He will bless me and reveal more of Himself in that heightened intuition of stumbling.

Indeed, Jesus did not fail me. He attended to my prayers so quickly and composed my shattered thoughts. He led me to His living scriptures for a better connection. Right at our pad, Jesus moved majestically when I caught myself going through the life of King Solomon in which the latter pleaded for a discerning heart to govern the Lord’s kingdom. Jesus in return, gave wisdom to Solomon and even granted him more than he was asking, including richness and honour. I felt that His hands were really not short and His were really not dull to hear me. He sincerely talked to me completely. He replenished the consumed energy and He gave me revelations more than I was expecting.

October of 2001, already more than six years ago, I also had my faith tested when I did not hurdle the licensing examination relevant to undergrad course during the fist attempt. For few days, I experienced the diminished self-esteem to the point of casting blame to Him. I was so radical and even questioned the Lord’s impartiality. Yet, I came to realize that life has to move on and should not be halted prematurely because of uncertainties He alone is capable of comprehending. At the end of the day, I eventually crossed the borderline of mediocrity.

My sister, I believed, is engaged in a more focused study habits nowadays in preparation for the June examination. I often give her encouraging reminders and perks once in a while. My uncompromising support as brother is present round the clock. My plans might have gone some stretching, but I am more learned in life and have stronger confidence Above.


Anonymous said...

Failing doesn’t mean we are failure. Sometimes an opportunity for us to develop our perseverance, our trust and confidence, and our deeper relationship in God…She’s lucky for having a brother like you because the love, comfort and support you gave is enough to enlighten her burden. Keep it up my dear friend. You’re on the right track.

yeng said...

Exactly, life wouldn't never been so colorful if there are not failures... it would be not be challenging enough, afterall... Tnx...

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