Behavior and Trust that Build the Organization

In light of public expectations relative to the delivery of work in the government service, individuals should observe certain degree of behavioral attitudes and acceptable practices that will help the organization as whole in attaining its vision and mission. These corporate ways of doing things, be it written or not, and the deeply rooted organizational culture defines what kind of organization we are, both in the local settings and in the global arena. These serve as an intangible asset for the individual associated in the organization and will ultimately leads to a lasting public perception.

We, the human capital of this organization, and the BSP are only one in spirit. We have shared responsibility in building and creating an atmosphere conducive for outstanding behavior and laudable practices. We at the BSP, as public servants, must possess a high level of uncompromising character in fulfilling our sworn duties and responsibilities. We are called to thrive at better ways of doing things, initiate innovative measures, and uphold ethical values in the delivery of our most sought service.
We are bound to showcase leadership behaviors that would contribute in the effective and efficient work accomplishments. From top management down, we are entrusted by this organization an equivalent amount of responsibility and it is our part to enrich this organization in an exemplary manner. And as leaders, we must be able to adapt in a dynamic fast pacing environment but still remain anchored in our rich core values.
Presently, the theoretical concepts that made BSP as an epitome of excellence are already placed in practice. We could not have gained citations and recognitions without the presence of our strategic business planning, the bank’s commitment to invest in systems improvement and researches, and in improving the operations from events in the past. The steadfast support of BSP is ever present in our professional endeavor and in individual journey.
We are all leaders in our own rights and it’s been said that the most effective leaders not only inspire others by example; but they also take a personal interest in the learning of others as it becomes a healthy avenue for mentoring. We have numerous leaders and a diminishing population of bosses in this organization. Admittedly, it makes a huge difference between a boss and a leader. At BSP we must cultivate numerous leaders and less of bosses. We must encourage leadership. A leader, who models learning, who mentors learners, who manages learning and who monitors learning. These are the key behaviors of a good leader.
My fellow employees, as the chosen committed partner in the upliftment of the countryside, we should strive to ensure that the decisions we make can withstand a high level of scrutiny. Confidently, we are demanded to display superiority in knowledge and be still humble at heart. We must embrace no less than an outstanding performance in our dealings with our clients and associates in the industry. Sometimes, they can seem cranky, and it may sometimes sound too much demanding of them, but let us all be reminded that they do provide for our paychecks and our benefits, such as sick leave, maternity leave, health insurance and three-weeks of paid vacation time each year. And what about all the new equipment we’ve been getting lately? They paid for that too and a lot more. So the next time you see them, give them a great big smile to show how much you appreciate them. Doing good is goodwill and it is our subtle way of expressing our debt of gratitude to our principal clientele – the general public.
Our company takes ownership in the global corporate citizen. We should acknowledge our failures and learn from it. It is incumbent upon us to do good for the citizenry because the public is our paramount concern and so we must take good care of the fiduciary relationship we are privileged to have. Our foremost commitment is for the public who compensates us generously. We build trust by honoring our commitments. We must deal honestly in our transactions and we should be transparent in our business practices.
My co-BSPers, people see BSP in us and at times we are not who we are in our personal walk. There is a thin line which separates us from the world-class identity of our beloved institution and thus, with uncompromising character, each of us should thrive to meet the best practices, each of us must close the gap of detrimental divisiveness, and each of us must continuously elevate the bar of standards we have started. And as a collective response to the pressing economic turmoil coupled with the hovering moral bankruptcy of our colleagues in the government sector, we should continue to promote for behavioral excellence and practices at all cost so that we could have a stronger pillars against the test of time.
Thank you and good day.


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