One Month After

Time flies really so so so fast. Sasah and I mark our 1st month of being a couple today. Yehey!! But why am I at work and is there no celebration at all? Will I not be giving her bouquet of roses or even a romantic missive penned by me? No dates at all, huh?

Well, my princess is bound to Bukidnon for three days to do some work related stuff at around 10 in the morning. But nay, we already advanced the big event yesterday and also the reason why i wasn't around. It was really a fun filled day the the whole moment we were together. The superficial conversations, courageous sharing of thoughts, the laughters and surprises - it was really great!And yes, I gave her flowers with a a letter I personally wrote late afternoon of the 22nd September.

Part of our itenerary were buffet lunch at Saisaki, watching Righteous Kill at Rockwell Power Plant (thank you Menchie for the passes), and visiting the Ocean Park with her cousins and relatives in the late afternoon. Maybe these were the main reasons why I am nursing a sore legs. Lots of walkathon.

I started to miss her and I just received a txt message that she got herself in the airport already. Thanks God for the guidance. Physically, yes I cant have her but her presence is round the clock. The memories of yesterday are more than enough reason to sustain my sanity during her absence. I might also deal with my pending school works to lessen the emotional attachment with her.

Sigh!! I will start to work. I might get suck by my boss. =)


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