A Fishy Afternoon at Ocean Park

I got the chance to visit the Ocean Park near Manila Hotel yesterday afternoon. It's my first time to see artificial underwater ecosystem at a cheaply ticket cost of only P400.00, around USD$9 for foreigners. I might be candid enough but the value for money was quite less as far as I am concern. The total perimeter was quite small and i didn't feel I was really under the water world. I noticed that some plants were synthetic, the rocks were sprayed with colors, the plastics covering were seen in some parts and the structures were not handicapped friendly.
Probably, the management is still working on for the betterment of the fishy attraction. Forgive me but, I didn't find if the pool of experts really sat down as to how the overall structures were arranged and built. At any rate, I wanted to encourage my fellows to visit the attractions. It's a must see for us Filipinos. =)
I took some of the fish families using my cellphone. Enjoy!! =)


Professional Heckler said...

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Den Relojo said...

400 PHP just to see fishes?

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