Promotional Post

I am fully aware that Lin, the elder sibling of my gf, sasah, is doing beadworks as part of her living, but never did I see a single creation until I ushered Sasah to their home at Imus saturday night. I was surprised that she was really talented in her craft. There were hundreds of finished accessories on top of the dining table, probabaly due for shipments locally and abroad. They were really amazing and artistically made. Without any biases, I mgiht say that stuffs were not just the typical ones available at malls.

I think, items could be personalized as well depending on the occasions and events. As part of promoting her superb skills, i am endorsing her online shops. So guys, check these two sites. For those who wanted to get personal discussions with her, i am posting her instant messenger


To make it more convincing, i posted two of her many handmade accessories. Don't you worry guys, i dont have premium for this post - it's totally gratis. =)


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